Outlaw 9+ Give No Quarter Shadowlands Edition

deleted … peace out community

more than welcome to join my discordL


saved for future use

excited to give it a try!

it’s live … give it a whirl


Fantastic! thanks for the heads up!!!

Edit- Works great in pvp/wpvp thank you for this

Why is this using Eviscerate instead of Dispatch? Eviscerate is limited to Subtlety isn’t it?

Short answer: It just says Eviscerate - it still does Dispatch

OK then maybe its just me then, because its not doing dispatches on mine. just skips that step, and i end up camping max combo points and still doing sinister strikes.

Can i use this as leveling spec (from 10>50) ?

doubtful … stuff in the /castsequence will lock it up because you might not have those abilities yet

really good one m8 i like it :slight_smile: thanks

Was the code gotten removed ??

huh ??>>>???

You do an amazing job on all your macros. Good job on this.

Where’s the stealth function ?

It doesn’t have an ‘auto’ stealth function

Yeah just swapped from hal’s to yours and wow yours alot better xD i like it have you done one for when shadowland do hit like conveant’s (Kyrain or whatever it called) ?

not yet i will though

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ya this is definitely a rough first draft … wanted to try to do three things:

  • have 4-5 combo point Between the Eyes
  • 4-5 combo point dispatches
  • no lock ups

DO you use any weakauras to track CDs and such? I’m feeling quite defeated right now as I am ilvl 181, I can’t clear Torghast on floor one — and I fall behind in Mythics.