UPDATED well not really just tested in 8.3 and added in essence usage. wich you may have to adjust if not using the same.

essentially this is it until shadowlands,
somethings you can adjust which may or may not improve things.

changing from priority to sequential.
Adjusting your speed of use. FYI i personally run it at 50ms

should work without modification if you prefer to use slice and dice.

I have woven in some pistol shots but also kept it on modifier if it procs too often.

Talents 2111322

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Stealth, Adrenaline Rush, Ambush, Blade Rush

KeyPress: Blade Flurry, Pistol Shot


OP macro updated for beta 12 build of GSE. which is also fine for PTR
IF you are getting spell ids and macro not working, then you have updated GSE incorrectly not my macro problem

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updated due to some talent changes

Talents 2111323

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.01.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Stealth, Cheap Shot

KeyPress: Blade Flurry, Pistol Shot

Main Sequence: Roll the Bones, Killing Spree, Dispatch, Cheap Shot, Adrenaline Rush, Sinister Strike

KeyRelease: Gouge, Stealth

Working lovely if they use the pistol shot modifier great work john :smiley:

Amazing work John, as usual.

I was Assassination, tried outlaw due to this Macro and Wow.

Post count: 420 for Mets! Congrats on that one!! :wink:

ON THE OTHER hand this is INSANE damage when he gets wound up. Taking out groups of 4 or more mobs with ease. Bosses out in questing and world quest-lines aren’t touching me. I win every time. Barely died, just once with there was like 10 mobs.

so far the most fun rogue macro ive tried, thanks!

Nice work! Holding 2.8k out of a 3.1k sim at ilvl 212.

EDIT: Took my rogue into LFR and the macro performed even better. Did 3k and above on all first wing bosses!

What speed do you recommend for this? I know that you use 50ms for your fury beta one, which i fkn LOVE btw!

50-100, with rogues i found 100ms worked well having everything line up and combo points being used that said if you feel it slow speed it up to be no faster than 50

50-100, with rogues i found 100ms worked well having everything line up and combo points being used that said if you feel it slow speed it up to be no faster than 50

I have been alternating between some of the Outlaw scripts on this forum and then began to try and put my own together, but have been running into issues. I am currently trying yours out and is performing quite well. The question I have, and I have asked on other threads, is where can I place “Pick Pocket” within the macro to get it to fire at least most of the time. I have tried placing it in Keypress and PreMacro just after initiating “Stealth” and have even tried it after initiating “Cheap Shot” all to no avail. I have tried running it in increments of 10ms up to 150ms. Where would you suggest the best section to place it within your macro?

hmm. ok some info on pr-emacro and keypress to help you understand them.
whatever you put in there you have to imagine the macro trying to fire everything at once.
so with pre-macro its often only wise to put one ability in there. however, you can get away with more than one if one ability has a CD or requires different resources. so a builder and a finisher. and the macro will always do whatever is on the top of the list but will ignore if it can’t cast it for whatever reason. putting a shopping list of tasks does not always work well.

Furthermore with the Keypress section behaves the same but also as it is the priority will try and just spam it.
hence why now its not worth putting anything there unless there is a conditional or a modifier so it will ignore it unless the conditions are met.

on to your situation. I would create a separate macro to be used in stealth.
this is off the top of my head and you need to test and adjust accordingly. but
something simple like in the main section.
/castsequence reset=combat Pickpocket, (cheapshot or whatever)
and replace my macro or whatever when in stealth,
the sequence will also ensure you won’t cheapshot until you have completed a pickpocket. will have to test if it won’t continue untill a successful cast or it will fire it and move on even if you are out of range

so it will only do this while in stealth. the sequence ensures it will pickpocket first before anything that would break you out of stealth, as long as your not auto attacking anything between swings.

I have actually done something similar which I don’t think I have posted yet ill have to check my assassination thread where i have a separate macro for when stealthed i just shadowstep (if assassination) cheapshot for expose weakness debuff, which breaks stealth switching to my default macro and going from there, hitting vanish switches everything back to get that cheap shot in again…

so I can’t see a similar idea can be used with pickpocket just need to put something else in there to kick off combat and get things rolling

MS wise I go for 50 but if I’m burning combo points to fast etc I slow it down to about 100, speeding up again if a noticeable DPS drop.

Which one should i try out? the OP or the one in the comment section?

Try the one in the comment section

Pickpocket really does not have a place in Outlaw as you shouldnt really be in stealth at any time. Well, that was the justification on my Outlaw build. It is however on my Sub build.

John Mets Do you have any updates to this macro?

currently finishing off leveling my rogue and working on it

Am I missing something? all the macro does is go into stealth and cast cheap shot then just sits there. granted im only level 10 but dont see why it wouldnt still roll through the other abilitys that are currently unlocked. I even took the stealth and cheap shot out the macro and it just sits there spaming nothing. Help sir.

NVM john i got it had to remove the [ ] from around “[reset=combat]” to where it will only read “reset=combat”