Please GS Combat Rogue Update ??

So anyone using GS macro for Combat Rogue’s or am i offically screwed ?

Wasnt hard to find TBH :wink:

I use this and it works nice…maybe not the best but I always seem to be in the top 5

tried it but doesn’t work very well don’t know what talent he took or glyphs :frowning: and also is it good for PvP ?

3312131 - glyphs: Feint, CoS, Energy

Thats what I use and as I said above I do very well in LFR and normal guild runs. I am not an expert when it comes to rogues as it is my 3rd alt but I am happy with what I get (always looking for better having said that but havnt found one yet). My Ivl is 679 with no ring or trinket yet

As for PvP…urgh…just Urgh!!! cant help you there sorry :wink:

Prob will go assassin instead