PrePatch, Ret single/aoe modifier

Talents 2,1,1,3,1,1,3

Wake of ashes is used to space out Inquisition, reseting on combat.
selfless healer is used after 4 templars verdicts/Devine storm, reseting on combat.
Crusader Strike, Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike to stop GCD bottlenecking, resets on target change.
NoMod for Templar’s Verdict; Shift modifier for Devine storm.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Divine Storm, Shield of Vengeance, Inquisition, Avenging Wrath, Flash of Light, Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike, Judgment, Wake of Ashes, Templar’s Verdict

What MS, im running ms.100 and 213 ilvl with Bis leggos and im around 3.2k bursting 4.1k

Works Well. The flash of light addition will be nice while leveling, but max level might need to change it around. I am 225 ilvl with Legendary cloak and highlord ring. I did a 5 minute test on a dummy and had a steady 3k DPS.

tried to add a screenshot of all the charts. Cant get it to display.

2.8 steady k at 210 ilvl running both rings.

works quite well ty.

2nd in dps and 2nd heals in pvp, cant argue too much with that

Kalaerean, ran the script on test dummy, during that session, never got the “Inquisition” buff.

The only change I made was, I removed the /use ring command (not sure what that is but I don’t have it.

Other than that, seems like the script is a brute :slight_smile:

I have to say, that the new GCD’s are really screwing with all the scripts, even in this one, seems like there are pauses, especially after Judgment cast, seems like GSE is waiting on a timer, not sure if GSE still needs some work for 8.0 or what.

Kalaerean, I stand corrected, this morning I ran the script on a 112 boss and everything fired off as expected. Dont know what the DPS was since it was a open world boss but its working great.

This one works really great for me, how do i add MS to it? is it some addon?
i see several ppl mentioning that they add MS or something?

I have no clue to what MS could be sorry, if it stands for multistrike just hold shift for aoe.

Edit: i now understand MS, i run at 200ms


The big problem of all the macros with 8.0 are the pauses that there are from time to time. Probably this depends on the new global CD

I have no criticism, this macro is amazing.

Very well done.

I’m only getting 1.9k out of a 2.8k sim. I’m running this at your speed of 200 ms. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. I’m definitely not new to macros, either. Any help would be appreciated.

I am using the legendaries “Soul of Highlord” and “Whisper of the Nathrezim”, other than that im not sure. there might be a trinket/ring use problem.

Just wanted to say I’ve been trying out this Ret macro and it’s been working smoothly. Any possibility to split it down into an AOE macro as well with Divine Storm without using a modifier?

Single target




no modifiers for single or aoe, 2 seperate macros

Thank you much! I appreciate it. I can use mods, but it seems when macros have to engage mods like these for AOE or Single, there’s a delay in completely swapping over. Thanks again.

Can someone help me with a AHK script for Q and E keys with 200 ms? I dont know how to set the ms, and I’ve been searching for info on google but either I didnt find anything at all or I didnt understand.
The script I am using atm is $q:: Loop { if not GetKeyState("q", "P") break Send q sleep 100 } return $e:: Loop { if not GetKeyState("e", "P") break Send e sleep 100 return }

200 ms means every 2 second you know that right? :smiley: