Press key and release key ms

This is where the people actually use the macro and the mod are not google. In fact I did use Google to get myself here, but no one lays out how to actually use the mod. Maybe if you try to be part of the solution rather then someone who frowns on helping others, and looks down on them for needing help there would be less asses in the World. Hopefully this helps you in the future but I doubt it. I’m sure it made you feel better to take what little patience you have and use it to be annoyed by my comment. Perhaps if you Google the proper way to help someone you may find it is quite satisfying to do good things, and to help others. If you got satisfied by your above comment then if really take a look at why you would rather take the same amount of effort it took to be unhelpful, and ask yourself what you really want out of life. Thankfully others here understand what being helpful means and answered my question so when they also Google and find this place. They will find recent responses with answers, and no not to ask you in the future for help. Good day.

Using the Search Button is really that hard?
I don’t hold hands or spoon-feed.
IF you’d use the Search then we wouldn’t being having this conversation at all would we? We wouldn’t because you would’ve found your answer…

Hey guys- so I too, seem to struggle with this in my noobish TBI. While this is simple for most of you computer nerds. If I run it with something for 250ms. Press 10 ms up and 240 ms down.

Im not sure if you wrote that wrong or if that was what you meant but I think you have it backwards. its .01 down and than .230 up or 10ms down 230ms up as you wrote it.

so, when running 250 Ms, I saw a older post where was advised to run it 125 up and 125 down. That would than also mean that if running with 100 Ms you go 50/50 up and down. I realize that this is a over used topic for most and some would advice to google it. And I did but the answers and/or examples were satisfactory to me.

Why hold the key down for a longer period?
It should be down, up, delay