Prêt-à-penser..... Just a truly lazy DESTRO :)

Single Target :






Change up your Warlock Points as needed. I change things up weekly depending on Affix or raid comp. Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:


This macro is for destro not Demo bud :slight_smile:

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LOL … I will blame this one on Hockey Night In Canada… Updated thanks for that :slight_smile:


really enjoyed this macro keep up the good work


GO HABS!! I just wish they showed them more here in southern ontario

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Srsly… Sick of TO or OTT games all the time :slight_smile:

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any update ? i love this macro please update it

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Ill get on it right now :slight_smile:


Sorry for delay on update got lost in other toons with 10.7 coming out. Macro is still the same was just talents that needed a little update. New Talents posted above and are incl in the macro as well if you need to re- download for some reason. You might notice Immo being refreshed early sometimes but that is just to count for those times where we cant get a full chan demo fire off becasue of movement etc. Chan Demo Fire adds time to Immolate when its cast.

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Are the talents off on this one? I see channel doomfire but not chosen in the macro?


Its in there…? For a second I was like did i post the wrong macro at first :slight_smile:

yea but i dont think its in the talents posted in the macro…lol :slight_smile:

I have ADHD leave me alone… LOL :slight_smile: Yeah i see what you mean … I switch it up from time to time in game and i posted the wrong string. I will run with that build for single target and just use the extra buttons manually (Infernal etc ) … BUT I WILL CHANGE THIS AGAIN so its what the macro really is built for. And I am going to call my Dr about upping my meds … LOL


Demon Fire ( Real Lazy Talents )


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LOL! I’m right there with you…lol Thanks for the update, its appreciated. :stuck_out_tongue:

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How can be done aoe with this spec?

Would need to change a few talents around to pic up rain of fire etc… Let me get get into game and make one up :slight_smile: I have one already that’s old and never use anymore so shouldn’t be that big of a change.

Changes made above and added the 2 other macros breaking down Single Target - AOE dedicated macros… the single target still have cleave built in using CDF still and Incinerates hitting multi targets. With the addition of ROF & SING target macros though talents need to be changed for that ( incl above)

IF YOU DONT WANT THE BREAK DOWN INTO SINGLE TARGET AND AOE w/ ROF then you dont need to do anything. NO CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO ORIGINAL CLEAVE MACRO ( Talents still same as before as well ) If you download the Original Macro again you may notice a name change of the macro that is all… :slight_smile:

If you do break it down you will see a drop in ST dmg and boost in AOE dmg … nature of the beast with swapping for either or.

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Thanks a lot, i will give this a try as soon as i get in game and let u know!
Just for my curiosity: what kind of content did u manage to clear with your macro?

I am casual on my locks but I have no doubt in this macros ability to work in raids… In LFR when i run it … yes i know its LFR but when i compare myself to other locks destro around same item level i do tend to beat them on the charts even when i dont flask or pot like they do, i dont even have enchants. That also goes for dungeons and im sure it will carry into M+ as well. My raid group doesnt need my locks so I main my monk or bm hunter (UGH).

On target dummies in Val I can keep 72-75k sustained dps at 380 iLVL with breakdown of macros. 55-60 with Cleave macro only. Single target dummy 36k Cleave Macro, 32k with split up. I usually dont worry about numbers for alts. Just make my macros to play them and do decent numbers where you arent just getting a carry :slight_smile:

my quick sim target dummy

My actual


Pretty damn happy with that :slight_smile: