Problem with GSE

I am currently having a problem with GSE. Not sure if anyone else is having it, but anytime I run a macro, no matter which one it is, if I do anything with my mouse, be it using it to look around or whatnot, it will stop the macros from running. Any ideas?

I used the search button at the top of the page and found these:

Good morning, I have some questions to ask to understand how to play the macros:

  1. i play with mouse corsair rbg scimitar pro and use side keypad for macros, 1 for singol macros 2 for aoe macros. i set the delay event mouse “50ms” and manually press the key. is it right or wrong or do i have to do something else?
  2. in game I notice that in the options there set execution speed “ms” I set them 50 and ticked off use external ms for software . and right? some advice?

Translated with (free version)


Can the ms setting in GSE be used instead of the ms setting on my Corsair keyboard?

they both have to be the same

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