Problem with "?"

I have a problem. all macros do I always get a “?”
how do I make a macro without this “?”
/ cast ardent defender
/ cast shield divided
when I use these two skills the “?”
How do I not appear “?”

make sure show spell icon is checked in gse or add #showtooltip. your example /cast #showtooltip ardent defender /cast #showtooltip Shield divided.
I personally never use #showtooltip so not sure how it would work in a GSE macro, not sure if it would only show the tooltip for the first spell in line or change to next spell being cast. but something you can try out.

Complete ignore the previous reply if you are using GSE as what he has suggested won’t do anything in GsE except break your macro.

The ? Icon means update the icon to what my current spell is. Every click it will update to the current spell. In your /macro interface it will show the ? But as soon as you drag it to a bar it will change.

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good to know.
Like I said I never used it so was not sure.

I dragged the macro to my bar, however, when I use the “?” appears in the skill rotation

Hide the button Read this post it might help you

Then you have a line, or multiple lines, in your macro that GSE doesn’t understand.