Prot warrior Wotlk

Hey all, Wondering if anyone could make a Prot warrior macro for PvE Raiding/dungeons. To be like the ones on retail with good threat and good dps but playable on Wotlk. Would be cool if someone could dive into this and make a sick macros. Thanks all have a good one Gamers!

Have you tried to make one?

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Have you tried Spam Unrelenting Assault/Imp Revenge Spec: 38/8/15

That’s the stupid strong warrior build atm for leveling, grinding and dungeons. I haven’t used the macro but its only a few abilities needed.

I’ve tried to mod some that were already made since I’m not to sure how to make them work very well. I have used the one you linked above it does use some of the keys you need but not all in the rotation.

I am planning to create a deep prot spec macro later. Right now I’m focusing on the Brutal gear up before wotlk open next 2 weeks.

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Thank you my DUDE! same here farming that honor