Spam Unrelenting Assault/Imp Revenge Spec: 38/8/15

Spam Unrelenting Assault/Imp Revenge Spec: 38/8/15 at 150ms key repeat
Talent Calc: WotLK Talent Calculator - WotLK Classic

I tweaked the spec which it doesn’t include the Sweeping Strikes since I never use it and managed very solid threat generating. I equipped the sword specialization using Normal Magister dungeon drop the Latro’s Dancing Blade.

Rotation is very simple Shield slam > Revenge loop and Manually spam Heroic Strike since the Glygh of Revenge gives free Heroic Strike without any need rage. AoE same as Manually Cleave

PreRaid BiS geared: Eighty Upgrades

You can tweak the talent spec or this macro to meet your needing. Have fun!

UPDATED: 12/6/22

Added Battle Shout to macro. Thanks @killthenoise
If you want Commanding Shout, Just replace the Battle Shout and you are set to go!

UPDATED: 6/5/23

Added modifier shift Zerker stance, Intercept in combat and if the charge is on cd during the combat then press shift. Thanks @CptnAwesome_11908


Other Macro for different Classes:

70lvl Druid Boomy -
70lvl Priest Disc Heals -


Is possible to add Battle Shout?

Ok, I will add the Battle shout when I get in my toon and Faerlina queue waiting is ridicious 2 hours wait =\

Hey, I’m also on Faerlina and in queue so I can’t test yet. Did you have a WeakAura for that proc?

I primarily prot warrior tank, and would love to give this a go.

Is this arms for PvE DPS or a dungeon tanking macro? Thank you!

I don’t have any WA addon, I do both tank in dungeon and DPS in PvE with this macro. literally the mobs die so FAST!!! Honestly I don’t need proc monitor at all. Right now I am testing in AV BGs all i see my macro working charm on any melee attack me and more proc revenge end up dead and I laugh at them.

Of course hamstring is a must but annoyed dancing stance since the hamstring will need to be in Battle or Zerg stance. I was just screw it and backward walk defensive any melee attack me that’s how I made lot honor points.

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So this is 1H/Shield Arms tanking? :smiley:

Yes correct it’s about 1h sword/shield since it include sword specialization in arms talent.

How do you AoE tank dungeons with this Macro ??
The Single taget dps is insane, love it :slight_smile:

I mentioned that 1st post said manually click spam cleave as for AoE

I was praying someone made a macro for this spec. This spec is BONKERS!

Sounds like it working for you eh?

Bro working, Working is a understatement ive had people in dungeons oohing and awwweeing at my threat charge in thunderclap and just start unloading 99% of the time by the end of the dungeon im top dps overall and during the pulls im 500 dps or higher then the 2nd person in group its crazy the threat hold is insane people just don’t know how good this is.

Maybe i should add thunderclap to this macro. I worried about the rage generator become starved? I have been stuck cant get on my main toon in Faerlina and Benediction. Damned long queue waiting =\

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You guys wearing tanking gear or dps?

You will need get avoidance gears as possible as you can find. For T6 geared you will get like 83% avoidance so you can dominate the AoE packs at ease!! xD

Wont swap back into defence stance @ lev 75 any help

Nvm fixed it

Did you use this macro for BG spam?

Yes I have used this spec in BGs and I mentioned it above. The tactics I used just walk backwards while melees whacking my warrior with 1h/shield and end up more multiple enemies death before I died.

Key is full equipped avoidance gears (Avoid any BG gears I.E. Brutal gear has no +defense stats).

Go get full T6 gears and you will survive longer than brutal geared. Brutal geared or non geared will realized this spec is waaay OP. I usually focus on melee than casters cause more avoidance of incoming melee attack therefore more powerful counterattacks can inflect more damage to enemies.

*evil laugh *

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Tanking geared is a must!! Stay away BGs gears cause no +defense stats. Go get T6 gears

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Have you updated the talents to add in the 10 from 70 to 80?