[Protection Paladin] Danny's GSE Macro - Fine-Tuned for Optimal Performance 10.1

Hey everyone,

We’re back with an updated version of the GSE macro for Protection Paladins. This macro has been fine-tuned with the help of the latest OpenAI model, ChatGPT-4, which has allowed for more accurate optimization of the rotation and prioritization of key abilities for maximum effectiveness.

Macro Export:




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.33.


  • Import the provided macro into GSE (version 3.1.33 or later).
  • Set your keypress latency to match your gameplay experience (I play at 130ms).
  • The macro is designed to be used with the Command (Cmd) modifier. Holding the Command key while activating the macro allows you to interrupt the script and cast specific abilities as needed.

Note: You can customize the modifier key according to your preference by editing the macro.

Changes in V4:

  1. Removal of Moment of Glory: This talent has been removed from the macro rotation to streamline the rotation.
  2. Simplification of Macro Rotation: Divine Toll has been moved to its own action, allowing it to be used more frequently. Eye of Tyr also has been extracted from the cast sequence and stands as an individual spell in the macro.
  3. Bastion of Light Usage: Bastion of Light has been shifted to the KeyRelease section as a variable, ensuring its cast whenever it is off cooldown.
  4. Shield of the Righteous: This ability is now cast as much as possible due to its importance in the Paladin’s rotation and its non-triggering of the global cooldown.
  5. Blessed Hammer: This ability is being cast more frequently now, balancing its usage with Consecration.

This update simplifies the macro and optimizes the use of key abilities. This should improve performance and increase DPS uptime. Feedback and suggestions for future improvements are always welcome.

Changes in V3:

  1. Shield of the Righteous: Shield of the Righteous is now cast with each keypress, ensuring it is used as often as possible.
  2. Bastion of Light: Similar to Shield of the Righteous, Bastion of Light is also cast with each keypress to maximize its usage.
  3. Consecration and Blessed Hammer: These two spells have been adjusted to balance their usage more evenly. Consecration is still cast regularly, but Blessed Hammer is now included as a filler ability to prevent downtime.
  4. Divine Toll: Divine Toll has been moved out of the cast sequence and given its own individual action. This change ensures Divine Toll is cast whenever it is off cooldown, regardless of the cooldown status of other spells in the sequence.
  5. Macro Optimization: Several adjustments have been made to the sequence and timing of actions to enhance the overall effectiveness and smoothness of the macro.

This update aims to improve the overall performance of the Protection Paladin rotation, reducing downtime and ensuring key abilities are used as often as possible. As always, feedback and suggestions for further improvements are appreciated.

Changes in V2:

  • The macro now includes KeyPress and KeyRelease actions for every ability, ensuring that abilities like Bastion of Light are cast as intended.
  • The frequency of casting Consecration has been increased to improve area control and damage.
  • Judgment is now used twice as frequently in the rotation for better damage output and Holy Power generation.

How to Fine-Tune the Macro:

If you want to further customize the macro to suit your playstyle or address specific situations, you can utilize ChatGPT-4. You can view the raw content of the macro and copy-paste it into ChatGPT-4, providing information about what you’re trying to achieve and the current state of the game (new spells, dynamics, etc.). ChatGPT-4 can assist you in making adjustments and refining the macro for even better performance.


This macro has been generated and fine-tuned using ChatGPT-4. I will continue to refine it based on feedback and further testing. Please feel free to provide suggestions or report any issues you encounter.

I encourage you to share your experiences and any modifications you make to the macro. Together, we can collaborate and create an optimized macro for Protection Paladins. Enjoy your adventures as a stalwart protector!

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What have you personally done / achieved with this macro ?

This first version was tuned with the training dummies and Hekili for comparison. I’m test-driving it on mythic plus, and I have some feedback I will implement soon. If you can test it out and tell me, your experience would be great!

had a play this morning on dungeoneer tanjing dummy hit 20 stacks until it started to hurt with manual use of WoG good job mate might actually try PP if i can be bothered to learn the tanking routes haha good work mate

hey tested this macro out last night on some m plus it works great!

my only issue it doesnt cast judgment enough and shield of righteous falls off

Yes! I’m hitting a plateau after a minute of combat. I’m tunning for extra Judgement. Thank you all for your feedback!

Added a new version. I fine-tuned it with GPT-4 and did a huge improvement. Please try it out and let me know your experiences.

Just ran a few M+ around 10-15’s and this performs so well!! Thankyou so much!
ChatGPT really seems to know what’s going on lol

just to know, i am very curious, what do you mean for “tuning” with GPT? I mean, do u ask thing? what is the entire process like?

Anyone got any damage results for this please?

I have a conversation with it about the macro. I send the Raw contents, which look like json but aren’t, and I fed the WowHead and IcyVeins rotation information. Next, I aggregated my liking of blowing all the CDs on the opener (I could pull over 400k once in dummies), and finally, I kept asking for specific tweaks.

Please modify them as much as you can the macro using ChatGPT and share your results!

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Thank you for trying it out! I’m very proud of the current version. If you see anything that could be improved, please let me know.

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Damn, it is absolutely incredible. How did u start? I mean, is this thing doable for other classes? What u “say” to start things? Do u ask for a macro or do u give it a template? How do u feed it about rotations/information?

I started explaining that I wanted to create and fine tune a GSE macro for X class with Y spec. Specify that wow has changed and I used wowhead and icy veins prot pally rotation page, along with the GSE docs for 3.0. I started a new macro added some spells, then click the Raw button after going to the 1 tab, copy and paste the macro and ask for optimization.

this macro is killin it for me !!! i am really enjoying it. i have a odd request… since you optimized this very well can you utilize chapgpt4 to do a storm ST raid build for enhance shaman. its a tough ask but it seems as you are heading in the right direction.

Paladin Protection Macro Version 4 Changelog

Major Changes

  1. Removal of Moment of Glory: This talent has been removed from the macro rotation, allowing for a simpler and more streamlined rotation. We found that Moment of Glory wasn’t providing as much benefit as initially expected in the macro’s current iteration.

  2. Simplification of Macro Rotation: We’ve simplified the macro rotation significantly. Divine Toll has been moved to its own action outside the cast sequence. This change allows Divine Toll to be used more frequently and not sit idle for long periods. This significantly enhances DPS uptime and overall performance.

  3. Bastion of Light Usage: Bastion of Light has been moved to the KeyRelease section as a variable. This move ensures that Bastion of Light is cast whenever it is available, prioritizing its use and maximizing its effectiveness.

Minor Changes

  1. Eye of Tyr: Eye of Tyr no longer exists within a cast sequence and is used on its own, allowing it to be cast more frequently.

  2. Shield of the Righteous: We’ve adjusted the macro to ensure that Shield of the Righteous is used as much as possible due to its importance in the Paladin’s rotation. It does not trigger the global cooldown, making it ideal for placement in the KeyRelease section.

  3. Blessed Hammer: We’ve also worked to ensure that Blessed Hammer is being cast more frequently, addressing feedback that Consecration was being overused.


In this version, we’ve focused on improving the macro’s efficiency and performance, prioritizing abilities that provide the most benefit and ensuring they’re used as frequently as possible. Please remember not to include Bloodlust in the macro, as it should be cast on demand.

We hope these changes will significantly improve your gameplay experience, and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. As always, we’re open to further adjustments to optimize the macro’s performance.

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Hi! Thank you for your feedback; I appreciate it. I like the idea of doing an enhancement shaman macro next. Once I get some more gear with my pally, I’ll do a shaman macro. Thanks for using the macro; please let me know what you think of the new version.

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Thanks for your update. I read that macro is intended to work with cmd modifier, but i can’t see any block triggering with a modifier, am i right or i did something wrong?

I use the CMD to halt the execution and cast manually Avenger’s Shield or Divine Toll for interrupts and Word of Glory for spot heals.

I maybe stupid but where do i find what the command key is i tried Ctrl + interrupt bind and didnt work when i pressed Ctrl it did stop the macro then started after i released the key