PSA: Hold Off On Kitty Druids Macros until 10.0.5

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Do yourself a favor and hold off on Kitty Druids until 10.0.5. There are many changes that I will outline below (and have mentioned in many threads already) - Notes: Druid Changes in Patch 10.0.5 Build 47118 - News - Icy Veins

Official Post: Druid Updates in 10.0.5 - Dragonflight 10.0.5 PTR - World of Warcraft Forums

Please read the post above from Blizzard as it goes into great detail on what is happening to Kitty Druids. Again save yourself the trouble and just wait until the new patch has helped Druids.

  • There is a reshuffle of talents going to happen for Kitty Druids in 10.0.5, including better talents that improve Primal Wrath, while at the same time not having a split tree as it is currently choosing between AOE and Single Target.

Some of the bigger changes we are expected to see. NOTE - Blizzard is not allowing the new Kitty Tree to be seen on WoWHead or any other sites, because of the complete revamp.

  • Dreadful Bleeding - Rip damage lowered by 5% (Will also affect Primal Wrath but not sure how much yet)
  • Veinripper - DoTs +33% longer
  • Rampant Ferocity - FB +35% damage on Rip Targets (Primarily used for Apex)
  • Brutal Slash - Lowered to 49% of AP/Agility
  • Infected Wounds - Lowered to 25%
  • Sharpened Claws - Thrash/Swipe lowered by 10% if Maul is used.
  • Circle of Life and Death - Time reduced to 20% instead of 25% - This might be a talent we just don’t get any more as it screws up our macros heavily.
  • Taste of Blood - FB +4/8% damage per bleed on target


  • Tear Open Wounds - Moved
  • Survival Instincts - Moved
  • Infected Wounds - Moved
  • Berzerk - Moved
  • Moment of Clarity - Moved
  • Berzerk Heart of the Lion and Frenzy - Moved
  • WIld Slashes / Brutal Slash - Swapped
  • Lunar Inspiration - Now is a choice node with Feral Frenzy (Capstone)

These are the proposed changes but it’s not official.

So please, for now, do yourself a favor and hold off on Kitty Druid macros until the changes have gone live. Authors take a lot of time to work on these macros, it’s inefficient to make a new macro every week, or with a proposed revamp that is going to happen within the next few weeks.


thanks for this info cant wait to see what happens and the new macros after the changes!

So just an update from me, there were numerous changes to Kitty’s even more than what was initially expected, similar to WW Monks and Rogues. I’ll try this weekend to get some out, but I’ve been swamped with work as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) so I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I will try to get some done.


Doing a real service to us all by taking time out of your day! Thanks


No worries. It’s gonna take a bit of figuring out for everyone. Thanks for your efforts!


i agree tyvm for hard work u do

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