Question about AHK and bannable offenses

Hey All,
New to the LazyMacro and GSE addon. I see a lot of people saying “run at (x) MS” and I was wondering, do you need to have an AHK program or can you just keep pressing the button? If I go into a dungeon and just press (1) over and over again, is that ok? Can I get banned for doing that? Any help is appreciated, if i need an AHK program is there any recommendation?

you can always press your buttons with no issue. many use mouse/keyboard software or programs like ahk. You have 0 chance to get banned for pressing your keys. GSE breaks no rules.

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Awesome, thanks for the info. Sometimes these macros are so good it feels like cheating haha.

This is the reality - any use of AHK is bannable and at any speed. At 250ms you don’t have an advantage and are less likely to be banned. This doesn’t mean you won’t it just means less likely.

More info:

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