Rant about DPS and SP

I am very sorry to say I use the keyboard button 1 and 0 on keypad to work the macros.

So all this 100ms 50ms 30ms means nothing to me. I press 0 or 1 fast as I can to cycle through the macro.

I started to use the macros in 2019 when I was about to give up on the crap that is called BFA.

SP is one of the best specs out there for dungeons and raiding. Dps is supposed to be high.

Apart from the BM hunter macros none of the others work that good.

In BFA macros they all did about 90% of the dps based upon simulation with raiderbots etc.

regardless of which SP macro I use my dps is so rubbish in each group people question me if I am AFK.

Is there anyone else finding that these macros are crap? Or is it something I am not doing right.

Stat wise I am good. When I sim I should be doing 3500 dps with my current gear.

Boss dps is around 1700 to 2200. absolutely shit.

What is going on?

I’ll just leave this right here…:

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