⚔️ Rekt Ret Paladin PVP 7/7/21

Rekt’s PVP Ret Paladin Routine V4.0

Simmed at 3.8k dps Macro is maintaining 3.2k dps

  • Ctrl mod: Cleanse Toxin
  • Shift mod: Final Reckoning
  • Alt mod: Word of Glory

I run this and all my macros at 100ms

Talents based off current meta and go to choices for PVP

PVP Talent Page - Icy-Veins
PVP Talent Page - Wowhead

PVP Version


If you would like to buy me a Coffee so I can stay awake and keep making these I would appreciate it !!

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Pvp version 100% would be awesome

I got you give me a little bit. I will build it off mainstream pvp talents.

Made the PVP version for you. Altered both versions so Seraphim goes off better than previously. Rebuke was acting funny for me and not always going off. Let me know if its not working for you as well. And let me know what you think about it. I am pulling much better numbers with this new version.

How do u use it? Or do u manual press the key?

Do you mean the macro? You would need to download the GSE addon from curseforge.com first. Then copy the above strings and import them into the GSE addon. Then place that macro on your bar and bind it to a smart mouse or if you dont have one bind it to your mouse wheel and scroll your mouse wheel quickly and a lot to fire off the macro.

Yes i know i use razer Synapse, how fast do u use the macro?

I use the Synapse as well and I generally have the turbo set to 10 for all my macros which break down to around 100 ms

Can you re-write macros according to my action bar?


Not sure what you mean

i use the razer synapse 2.0 and i don’t know what turbo mode is

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You need to download the addon at curseforge.com

Rekt, I realized that not so many Templar´s Verdicts are cast and gives a slight loss of DPS. I used ConRO as a priority to analyze!

I will check it out thanks, what ms are you running

100ms, I tested in 70ms too, it seems to have made no difference.

Dude, this macro is just perfect! Gratz!

Really appreciate the feedback Thanks. I updated the macro I believe Templar goes off more. It feels a little more starved of holy power.