Removing this Macro

Deleting this old macro because I won’t have people stumbling onto it and thinking that something is wrong with their play, when in reality its just an old/outdated macro. Disc was FOTM in 8.01 anyway. Still, there are other fine (and updated) Disc Priest macros to use.

It looks like when i am dpsing with this the only spell that fires off is SWP. Nothing else at all.
Cant find anything that im doing wrong.

Yeah, this is why I developed the habit of waiting for weeks on end before releasing a macro; doing so gives me time to get the kinks out of it. Having said that, I made some changes and have uploaded a new version of the macro for your PVP enjoyment. :wink:

Some things/issues addressed:

-Fixed the mod actions:
*Shift for Luminous Barrier
*Alt for Rapture and Desperate Prayer (for tanks, FCs, and other healers)
-Added Light’s Judgment to PVE only ( I use it as a defense in PVP for those nasty rogues—so it will not fire off in BGs/RBGs).
-Remember to pause after casting on a (friendly) target and casting on another (friendly) target, as per the GCD change. Thanks to Enix, you should only have to target friendly targets 70-80% of the time.
-Am toying around with the PVP talent SoS instead of SL and have made the newer version to reflect that.
-Some things that I will need to address: getting the right balance between casting Smite and PWS; stay tuned for more changes in the future.

doesn’t import for some reason

I love your macros john. good shit.

is this macro supposed to spam or manually press? If it’s spammable, at wich ms? using a Razer mouse


Sounds sweet. Love your pvp macros so im exited for this.

There is an issue with ‘Luminous Barrier’ + ‘Dome of Light’ reverting to ‘Power Word: Barrier’ in PVP; I have no idea how to fix this. Its an issue within GSE, so in the meantime, you all might want to keep it on a separate key.

–John Q

Can you give me an idea of play while using this? Like Enix puts in their posts.

I just gave it a go and I loved it, but i’m unaware if I should be targetting players i want to heal or?


What are your PvP talents?

When you import the macro the Talents should show up.

so I all I see is just gibberish code. do I need an addon for this for my browser?

Your browser? No…

You need the latest GSE add-on.

@John Q.

What delay do you run this? I’ve experimented with different delays and still feel like smite doesn’t fire near often enough, or the macro cycles through everything without doing anything.

@Matthew Brewer Smite is at the bottom of the rotation because it is a low-priority spell; its in there for filler/DPSing whenever none of your other abilities are up. Moreover, Smite just got hit with the Blizz Nerfbat, so you are going to want it at the bottom of the priority food chain to keep your GCDs clear for more harder-hitting spells.

Hi John. I found some miss spellings in the macro i think or is it ment that Penance are to be typed as Pennence? Its those lines where nochanneling is. The actual spell is correct.
Ex: /cast [nochanneling:Pennence][@targettarget,harm,nochanneling][@target,harm,nochanneling] Shadowfiend.
Awesome macro anyways as allways. Owning in PvP is fun atm :slight_smile:

Best regards

Yeah, that is what I get for tweaking macros while I am tired; I found them last night as well, and was going to do a ninja update, but you beat me to the punch. :wink:

Either way, I just updated to fix those pesky misspellings…thanks for letting me know.

UPDATED 09/23/18 wow your from the future whats holds for us all :wink:

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Muito Obrigado ótima macro.