📊 Request a Combat System for your spec!

:wave: Hello everyone,

I have completed my goal of one Combat System per class! :partying_face::tada:

Creating more specilizations should start to be much faster and easier for me.

Click the link below to request a spec (or multiple)!

This helps me know where I can be most impactful!

If you are feeling generous, consider supporting my work on my Buy Me a Coffee page! Thank you! :grin::+1:

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Hi Aerrek,

First off, I must commend you on your innovative integration of WA and GSE! I’ve tried most of your macros, and I’m really satisfied with their performance.

However, I’ve run into some issues with specific macros. For instance, with the fire mage, even when Meteor is ready and Flamestrike isn’t instantly castable, the macro seems to prioritize Flamestrike regardless. Also, in the case of the fury warrior, it doesn’t seem to be casting Ravager at all. Similarly, for BM, neither Barbed Shot nor Cobra Shot are being cast.

Despite these issues, I want to stress how much I appreciate your work. It’s not only innovative but also has tremendous potential!

One concern I have involves the efficiency of combining WA, as some (if not all) WA’s update every frame, which could cause significant FPS drops, especially in raids.

That being said, I have no prior knowledge or experience with GSA, WA, or the WoW API, so I’m not entirely sure if my observations are valid.

Here’s an additional observation I’ve made in WoW that might interest you: It seems like the precedence is Shift > Ctrl > Alt. If you start pressing with Alt, it selects the Alt key, but if you then press Shift or Ctrl, it registers as Shift/Ctrl + Alt. This might allow for more modular coding for different key combinations, though it also increases complexity in usage.

I hope these observations can spark some ideas for you, but most of all, I hope you continue to produce such useful macros. I’m looking forward to testing more of them as they are released!


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frost or blood dk for cata plz

frost or blood all in one for cata plz

Hey @lazykek, away from my computer right now,

Fire: because meteor is on the GCD I can’t cast it autonomously in the rotation and because it’s at the cursor I didn’t want it randomly falling from the sky. My workaround was to ‘hide’ it behind flame strike in a /castsequence macro. I chose to do it this way because I can’t give metor its own modifier but at least flame strike is an AOE ability as well. If you wait for flame strike to be an InstaCast meteor should fall a little faster.

BM: If barbed shot isn’t firing that’s an issue, I’ll check it out when I can. Cobra shot is your shift modifier, if that’s not working I’ll have to check that out too.

Fury: ravanger is off the global cooldown and should be casting at your cursor activate recklessness. I made an alert to warn when you used your Recklessness but not ravanger. Again, I’ll check it out when I can get back online.

Multiple macro combinations: I tried this early on but ultimately the game only allows one modifier conditional at a time.

/use [mod:shift,mod:Ctrl] spell doesn’t not work

If it did I would put really long cooldowns on that :confused:

Hey @saltan,

If I do get around to Cata it would be a while from now. I’m not too active I’m the non retail versions. Got my hands full with this project ATM :sweat_smile:

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@Aerrek_WoW You can type like this for usage of 2 mod buttons and it should work. I use this on my fistweaver.
/cast [mod:altshift] spell
Best regards

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Shadow priest would be cool.



I didn’t see Brew on the list, you have my vote!
WW of course =)

Thanks and nice work!

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no worries mate ty .hopfully somone will whip one up ,ive tryd but not working well

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Ah ok cool, I’ll give that a shot

@Agonistic Cool, I’m planning on that to be my first priest setup :+1:

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Not on the list because it’s the one I’m currently working on :smiley:

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Follow up:

BM: I’m seeing Barbed Shot and Cobra Shot with SHIFT being used. If you’re still not seeing them, try updating the macro or link me yout talents :thinking:

I’m thinking its maybe just that Barded Shot is low in the DPS priority so you don’t see it as often. Especially if you’re talented into Serpent Sting as I use barbed shot as the time gate for refreshing that DoT.

Fury: Yup, Ravager fixed.


Is there a bm hunter macro?

There is!

your a champion mate

Hi there!!! Well it seems that u don’t have Brew master in your list, do u indeed to do that one?

Working on brew now! Should be a few days

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Ty for u hard work!!!
Not gonna lie I wanna see all the tank specs with u wa and macros!!!

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@Valluros Finally done with BREW :raised_hands: