Requesting a one-button Macro


I recently returned to WoW, and wanted to use LazyMacro again, and I’ve tried a good amount now, but somehow, I can’t find “the right one”.

What I wish for in a macro, is a one-button do it all kinda thing, with auto attack, and no chimera shot ( I aggro too much ) and then the “usual” stuff. I’m very sorry for my poor description, but between back when I first started using these macro’s and no, I’ve encountered muscleenjuries in both hands, which is why im trying to make this “request”.

I hope this made some sense, if more info is needed, please say so.

The above macro works both with, and without Chimera Shot, and is actually suggested that you do not use it for maintaining Barbed Shot stacks.

Thank you for the reply, I will try it out.