Retribution Paladin Single Target, Multi-Target in progress

Heya peeps!

I am normally a protection paladin but not new to maximizing DPS output and rotation. I focus on sticking to Mythic+ builds and, particularly, the ones generally posted in either Wowhead or on the class Discords. This is because I no longer have the time to run countless simulations myself. I also roll raids but I have yet to roll one in BFA as DPS. In the past, long ago, I used to develop the addons such as FaceMelter and FaceMauler. I have a condition that causes chronic pain so trying to streamline key presses helps some because I want to enjoy my game. Anyways, here is the first iteration of my Retribution Paladin macro running at a speed of 50ms. It has produced promising results and doesn’t pause unless you miss the holy power required to use Inquisition (Shift) or Shield of Vengeance (CTRL). The macro will not use any other ability until the hotkey is released to make sure it casts those respective abilities. Pretty much if it hangs up, let go of the hotkey!

Going to keep the Single and Multi-Target in separate posts in the same topic and will edit posts with any version changes I make and will try to keep the prior version in as the number two macro so you can force to it if you have issues. Running build 1213133 and my secondary stats and I believe Azurite Powers are in the macro information.

Single Target (50ms):

Post Reserved for Multi-Target

Post reserved for revision changes and notes

9/28/2018 - Original First post of Single Target

Best single target macro I could find! And I’ve gone through many. TYVM Nathan.

HI, this macro is not fluent. moment is a pause no spell! Thank you

Nice, in new raid with ilv 369 lfr. Nice dps.

Hey this is a dumb question I’m sure, but I’m asking anyways. How do you get the MODS to work. In your macro you have Mod:ctrl and Mod:shift I use a Naga Mouse and have it set to repeat my hotkey which currently is set to the #5. I have the #5 keybind on my bars with the Macro in it. It repeats and works perfectly fine for firing off the macro. What it will not do is if I hold down the Ctrl or Shift key actually do the MOD that I want. I have made sure there is not any other keybinds that use Control 5 or Shift 5. Can you help me with this. I’d like to use your macro the way you have it including the keybinds.

Just want to shout out this is one of the best macros i’ve used on here. Virtually no pause. My haste is normally around the ~25-30% range though so that helps. Anyhow this works with either your Inquisition talent (which I used for a bit) until I went full auto and just chose Divine Purpose (it tends to proc … alot!)

For me though I personally went with [mod:ctrl] Avenging Wrath and [mod:alt] Flash of Light for when the talent Selfless Healer is at the magical +4 mark. I tend to have quite a few shift+key for stuff.

oh and I forgot I added the talent Hand of Hinderance at the very beginning of your macro because I do pvp alot …

For an AOE version of yours I just replaced the Templar’s Verdict with that Divine Storm and it does very nice.

First example with Inquisition:

Second no Inquisition but with Divine Purpose

For me (with my haste being what it is) there seems to have a more seemless transition without Inquisition for some reason. I dunno.

Kudos to you sir.

soo how do you keybind shift and ctrl it will not let me

Low speed cast macro!

@nimble … you have to go into warcraft settings and unbind everything using whatever [mod] key you are wanting to use …

a big one alot of people miss is the “self cast” key

Thanks to all those that enjoyed my single target, I will work on perfecting this more on some minor things and work on the multi-target macro. Those whom had issues with the mods, you have to unbind shift, alt, and ctrl if I am not mistaken. Those whom are having trouble using this macro as things are not firing, I think you may have the trinkets checked off. If they are still in this macro, I will fix them for the future. I wrote this macro, kind of on the fly, and did some testing. I figured it was “good enough” to post it up. I then forgot about it as I saw not many posts. However, I didn’t give time enough to get posts. I ended up forgetting about it until I needed a macro myself after a crash. I guess it was also good on my part that I had. I am re-importing it and will work on it more. I will also add the multi-target "SOON"ish. Again, sorry for the delay and thanks for the praise!

Hello, sorry for my English, i am french

macro very interesting, I myself am a chronic disease that has decreased my reflexes and I must admit that this macro is very useful.
I modified it with respect to my template (2213212) and the shift key is associated with the divine storm, I replaced the key ctrl by alt for the shield of the avenger. I also removed the automatic use of jewelry because I do not use it at the moment.
I use a Razer Naga mouse and the Synapse software, I made a macro with a time of 0.050 sec and I put it assigned to a mouse button with the condition “read while the assigned key is pressed” .
Here is the corrected macro, blows it works in both Single and AOE. (in french, use wowhead for translation)


Francois don’t worry about your English, Do the best you can. I have been also working on making this macro more streamlined and remove potential stalls, working on updated to handle nearly all build considerations, and try to find a consistent ms refire of it, based in response to haste of course. I also am changing the base stock build for now too, since it is no longer the best build persay. The new macro will also contain multitarget involved as there are some abilities you may now use for targets 2 or greater and some only 3 and greater. Needless to say, it isn’t ready but I will check out your build of it. The first revision will involve the new talent build and modifications that add in multi-target >= 3. I will also look into optimizing the macro more but as to what I have in store for it, I am not promising that right now. I am currently also reworking my protection paladin macro and my blood deathknight macro too. I will be posting those soon if anyone is interested. The protection paladin macro is extremely promising at this moment.

Pretty excited for both the protection paladin as well as the blood death knight. I’ve been waiting for a competitive protection paladin macro.

Oh, I also forgot that I do also have a very strong Unholy DK macro too. I have been using it and it has made everything an absolute pleasure. I just need to make some minor tweaks to finish it and push the first public version.

Can’t wait to try that too!

I once tried adding the following to the macro but it made it ‘hang’

/castsequence [mod:alt] yourspellofchoice; [mod:ctrl] your2ndspellhere; [mod:shift] your3rdspell; Inquisition, Templar’s Verdict, Templar’s Verdict

something like that … don’t exactly remember where in the sequence Inquisition I actually put it but every time it makes the macro hang

just to see if I could ‘automate’ using Inquisition …

Inquisition is hard to automate in order to keep its up time optimum and not take away from performance in regards to DPS. I am working on a bit of a better build since its potency has taken precedence. I am still aiming to support all builds in one macro. However, it is unrealistic to make and keep it perfect. Some abilities have different priorities with different builds.

I will be posting my Unholy DK macro probably Monday along with my Protection Paladin. The Blood DK will post within the two days following that. Then the Retribution Paladin, revision one, following shortly after that.

These are approximations to releasing them because if I find out I can work it a little more, or a change, that may be needed, breaks it. I am one of those people that is kind of a perfectionist in a lot of the things I do. I run these macros, literally, hundreds of times and it takes away from my playing so my suffers.

So, sure I can manually play it, and for tough things, I usually do at first. However, I find it fun and a challenge to achieve a proper running macro or addon (I used to addon develop for WoW a long time ago). I also have carpal tunnel syndrome and it helps to have a macro on backup so I can enjoy playing when that is giving me problems. I am releasing my macros because I know others aren’t as adept as others or have handicaps themselves.

What I think I may do is update more often as test builds of the macro for you all to test if you are all fine with that. That way the releases are cutting edge and I have to do less testing myself. I will see if I can set something up if you are all interested. Just lemme know.