Righteous Protection - Protection Paladin Shadowlands Edition

Latest Update 12/19/2020

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power…



So I fire this @ 20 MS
(yup 20)

MY TALENTS (Most can be changed with no impact to macro) …

Here are the [MODS] for the macro. (Mod’ded for Kyrian Cov.)

/cast [combat, mod:shift] Word of Glory
/cast [mod:alt] Divine Toll
/cast [mod:ctrl] Consecration


The name of this macro is TANK_MACRO


Will update as soon as we start getting the Legendaries

Seeing it in action


Cool UI where can I get it ?

  • Go to my YOUTUBE or TWITCH channel . Listed under video description of most recent videos are links to lots of things.

Will this macro make me awesome at the game ?

  • Prolly not … it’s just gonna do some basic rotations …

How come it’s not doing what I see in your video ?

  • These macro’s are really created for us (creators) and most of the time need to be modded for your own use.

What does this macro do?

  • Basically spam your builders and do Shield of the Righteous all the time unless you need some self heals and then you hold down the [shift] modifier and it will do a big fat juicy Word of Glory on you.

Saved for future use

wow, works amazing just like your previous one. thx for the hard work


for me impossible to import your macro even tryed to relauch game, computer that not work :frowning: impossible

I don’t know buddy … have you had troubles importing macros in the past ??

Such an amazing macro! I’m using your BM monk one also, and I subbed to your YouTube channel. Any chance you’ll be making them for the other tank classes?

Making them for the other tank classes

You mean GSE Macros or How-To-Vids on Youtube for the other Tank classes ?

Yes to both though.


Love these macros, please keep them coming as it means I can play well even with bad bones and joints!

never get problem zith your macro its first time

thank you for updating to shadowlands, this is the go to macro for me, nothing else is close to it, many thanks for your hard work.

n1 Interface i like it, you share it?

Добрый день !! К сожалению и у меня такая же ошибка ( Macro unable to be imported ) . Проблема почему то только с вашим макросом .

спроси в канале раздора

ty for the macro @usmcguy with a little change i got that :slight_smile: after 15 min on fight


excellent ! what did you change ? screen-shot the macro

@usmcguy I use my defensive CDs on other keyboard keys ( like A-R-F-G ) as you see i dont use any trinket that are binded same as essence

pre and post macro are same

i remove heal from the sequence, changed key press that include heal , dispel and avengers shield for use it on proc

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i always like to see how people mod my macros - tailor it for yourself and it will always do better is what I say … good job have fun with it !

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thx for your great job as its your i just modified for my own skill :slight_smile:

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I was using your last one worked great! It had a righteous macro inside the main macro didn’t it? that timed sotr almost perfectly it still works well after patch will give your new one a try and see if it works better for me thank for your work.

Все равно не получается скопировать макрос , такое чувство что он неполностью выложен на сайте . Помогите разобраться