Robert Icebear Prepatch BM (M+ & Raid) (ST & AOE Separated) Highly Optimized DPS (Update 8)

anyways i am going to test out your macro. i generally make my own although not all in ones but am curious how these all in ones work as i have never tried to make one do full rotations and stuff. bit weary on them

Youll be surprised to havent use them before .

Night and Day .


anyone got a ahk script where i can set 2 buttons at different speeds?

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coming to another macro discord and post your own macro without the permission of the one that has the post is inaproppiate, flagged so mods can see this

It’s simply a AHK script as requested by a commentator above, this is not a rotation macro as you can find it here as well;

This was not intended to undermine your work but to enhance it for users, which btw is a superb macro!

sorry then bro i really dont use ahk so i supossed you where sharing some king of macro on a different codification, my apologies

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I agreed with you :slight_smile:


Hey man,

Nice macro. Have you thought of incorporating a hold shift to AoE feature? I’ve seen some other macros use this, and felt the gameplay was more smooth.

i have been asking for that to but it looks like its hard to do modifiers now since prepatch i guess or they made it not possible

I tryed but didnt work to well, i recommend you if you like that try it for yourself n.n

/cast [mod:shift] NAME OF AOE MACRO

you need to add that on KeyPress variable under the /petassist command


hey any love for afflication macro soon ?

ehmm i have on a afli macro already xd

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Thank you for this ! works amazing, much appreciated.

Ok dont be too hard on me but…what is a hunter discord and where can i find it? Please explain it too me in noob terms…old man here trying to figure it all out

@rolltide73 fell old man here (sorry about your tide loss to LSU Saturday :slight_smile: )

He’s probably is referring to Trueshot lodge - main hunter discord Trueshot Lodge
There is also Azor’s discord (popular hunter streamer and Icy-Vein guide writer) Discord


true n.n
and i dont have problem with explaining if is relative to the post bro, so dont worry xd


which ms speed if using icue software?

i assume is the same, st 50ms and aoe 105 ms