Seraphim // Protection Paladin 8.3+

new one i’ll post it soon

Anything on the new one with the Pause feature?

still in testing phase - i run keys with my macros for a month or so making sure everything is working the way its supposed too and making minute changes along the way -

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just comeing back to wow after quiting way back in MoP and started a new pally cuz it was all I used to play. being prior serves saw the USMC n checked out and loved the glimmerdin build although still figuring it out, cant wait to try this 1 now aswell, you got 1 for ret 2? lol

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Can I test out the new macro with pause feature?

Really solid macro.
This really changed my perception of what a pally tank could be.
Really interested in the “new” updated Macro.

Keep up the awesome work.

@griffinsix - yup -

@usmcguy Excited about the new macro with the “pause” feature, any idea when we’ll be able to try it out? Thanks again!

isn´t the autoclick on the mouse against ToS and be potentially bannable ?

isn´t the autoclick on the mouse against ToS and be potentially bannable ?

This again…Nope, not at all.

Hey @usmcguy loving the macro!! Did you ever finish the macro with the pause by chance?

Oh i missed that! Thanks sir!!

Im sorry but could you elaborate? as far as I know, this is sending multiple keypresses on a mouse macro toggle, so he is doing 1 click, and sending multiple keys to wow, afaik that counts as automation for wow and its bannable, did they change the ToS?

No, I care not to elaborate. There are multiple threads on this and a Blue post about it on our Discord.

this here is a brilliant prot macro love it :slight_smile: still having trouble with your ret one mind you lol

can I ask is it worth putting a loop limit into macro or just leave as is ?

what are you trying to accomplish with the loop limit ??

well with my monk got my timing as brewmaster by adjusting loop limit , 100% uptime on ironbrew , just wondering if as prot pala would it make a difference ? with shield of righteous… im getting 51% uptime at moment which is good but hear can get 70% uptime etc

tldr: No loop limit adjustments wont affect your Shield uptime

big difference in brewmaster - ironbrew and paladin shield of righteous - the ironbrew ability is by default meant and able to be up 100% - the shield of righteous is not … not at all . there virutally is no way ever to get it to 100% without certain corruption gear that randomly would adjust cooldown of abilities …

now onto the important part … this build (Seraphim) uses Shield of the Righteous charges so your not looking to get alot of uptime with Shield of the Righteous anyhow … your popping Seraphim as much as possible for the secondary stat boosts …

if you are looking for more shield of the righteous uptime go use my other macro:

where it gives me about ~70% on long fights - which like i said earlier that without corruptions that randomly reduce your cooldowns that would be about the best you could do (even with crazy high haste)

but then if your looking for 100% uptime (on short fights) then you would just use Memory of Lucid Dreams as your Major and pop that which would allow you 100% uptime on shield for short fights (aka big pulls and such)

ahh ok so 50% uptime with seraphim is pretty good then , prefer the dps increase using seraphim, thanks for reply :slight_smile: ,

on another note I seem to be struggling with your ret macro, any chance of inboxing me save posting on here please ? would really appreciate it thanks :slight_smile: