Seraphim // Protection Paladin 8.3+

We are the avenging and the wrathful. We take vengeance on our adversaries and keep our wrath for our enemies. We are slow to anger and great in power, and we will not clear the guilty. Our way is the whirlwind and the storm and the clouds are the dust beneath our feet. We rebuke the sea and make them dry. The mountains quake before us and the hills melt. The earth heaves before us and the world and all those who dwell within. Who can stand before our indignation, who can endure the heat of our anger. Our wrath will be poured out like fire, and everything will be broken beneath us.




Not for the feint of heart - The Seraphim build

This build / macro is for Mythic+ // Raid (Heroic) // Visions // World Quests // DPS DPS DPS

I created this build namely because NO ONE runs the SERAPHIM talent / build. Too bad it really is awesome. It isn’t for Mythic Raiding (obviously) but for 99% else that we do it is absolutely AWESOME.

So to start off this IS the personal MACRO I have used since last season.

  • My season 3 warcraft logs here . My season 3 raider. io here. So before anyone says anything about the % I want you to take into consideration this: I PUG AS A TANK WITH RANDOM PEOPLE - I did not tank with a core group of people constantly. If I did then you would see 99% and higher keys here.

This is my season 4 warcraft logs here and raider. io here. Not too many +10 or higher keys yet with me being so new to this season and with the new Awakened Affixes not alot of PUGS can handle it. But it will get higher with time as more and more people learn the skips.

So fire this @ 100 MS. This of course is dependent on your end. Start with 100 then adjust accordingly.

Here are the [MODS] for the macro. No I don’t know why they don’t work for you. That’s something that is going on with your end. Here is where you can also tailor this to your needs: You can easily sub Cleanse Toxins with your healing spell Light of the Protector to be able to manually fire that off if you feel the macro isn’t doing it fast enough for you.

/cast [mod:ctrl] Consecration
/cast [mod:shift] Avenging Wrath
/cast [mod:alt] Cleanse Toxins



So how it works: Really Simple.

Put your ability Judgment on a key you use all the time (for me its the E key)… Pull mobs with Judgment … run in or let them come to you … press your spam macro button … use modifier to drop initial consecration (or wait about 5 seconds … the macro will do it for you and then about every 8-10 seconds after that) … then let it go hamm on the mobs.

NO SIMS (It’s a tank not a DPS)


  • My Heart of Azeroth

    What makes this build so attractive is the minor power of the Memory of Lucid Dreams. It is a MUST HAVE MINOR POWER. Simply because of this:
    So just make sure its in one of your minor slots. With VISION OF PERFECTION as your MAJOR (If you have it - If not farm it and get it)

  • My talents

So what can this do?

Have fun keep on tanking!


claimed for further needs - Have made a build utilizing the Pause feature for awesome Shield of Righteous charge utilization - new macro and build blows this one away - wow that pause feature is game breaking


New macro? Or the one above?

new one i’ll post it soon

Anything on the new one with the Pause feature?

still in testing phase - i run keys with my macros for a month or so making sure everything is working the way its supposed too and making minute changes along the way -

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just comeing back to wow after quiting way back in MoP and started a new pally cuz it was all I used to play. being prior serves saw the USMC n checked out and loved the glimmerdin build although still figuring it out, cant wait to try this 1 now aswell, you got 1 for ret 2? lol

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Can I test out the new macro with pause feature?

Really solid macro.
This really changed my perception of what a pally tank could be.
Really interested in the “new” updated Macro.

Keep up the awesome work.

@griffinsix - yup -

@usmcguy Excited about the new macro with the “pause” feature, any idea when we’ll be able to try it out? Thanks again!

isn´t the autoclick on the mouse against ToS and be potentially bannable ?

isn´t the autoclick on the mouse against ToS and be potentially bannable ?

This again…Nope, not at all.

Hey @usmcguy loving the macro!! Did you ever finish the macro with the pause by chance?

Oh i missed that! Thanks sir!!

Im sorry but could you elaborate? as far as I know, this is sending multiple keypresses on a mouse macro toggle, so he is doing 1 click, and sending multiple keys to wow, afaik that counts as automation for wow and its bannable, did they change the ToS?

No, I care not to elaborate. There are multiple threads on this and a Blue post about it on our Discord.

this here is a brilliant prot macro love it :slight_smile: still having trouble with your ret one mind you lol

can I ask is it worth putting a loop limit into macro or just leave as is ?

what are you trying to accomplish with the loop limit ??

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