Shield of the Righteous :: Protection Paladin :: 8.3+ Mythic+ // Raids

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil’s might,
Beware my power…

Green Latern yes yes but very fitting here don’t ya agree!



The First (and only) Click Pause macro within another macro that I can get to work

So basically what this macro does is call another macro RIGHTEOUS and does the ability Shield of the Righteous every 5 seconds. Why 5 seconds? Well the ability itself gives ya 4.5 seconds of super armor with 3 charges and each charge comes with a recharge ttime of roughly ~14 seconds (depending on your HASTE - which is why HASTE is the #1 stat for Protection Paladins). 5 seconds should give you ~ >=75% uptime on Shield of the Righteous for fights.

If you are using this for +15 keys it is RECOMMENDED you run the essence MEMORY OF LUCID DREAMS as your MAJOR (seperate key) so you can pop it on big big pulls for ~>=90% Shield of the Righteous uptime. My guild does NOT run many +15 keys so I normally just use VISIONS OF PERFECTION for my MAJOR.

My season 4 Raider.IO stats can be found HERE

My season 4 Warcraft Logs can be found HERE

Of course my scores could be higher but I also HEAL so I tend to split my time healing and tanking so meh.

So fire this @ 100 MS. This of course is dependent on your end. Start with 100 then adjust accordingly.




Here are the [MODS] for the macro. No I don’t know why they don’t work for you. That’s something that is going on with your end. Here is where you can also tailor this to your needs: You can easily sub Cleanse Toxins with your healing spell Light of the Protector to be able to manually fire that off if you feel the macro isn’t doing it fast enough for you.

/cast [mod:ctrl] Consecration
/cast [mod:shift] Avenging Wrath
/cast [mod:alt] Blinding Light


The name of this macro is RIGHTEOUS_PROTECTOR - this is the macro you drag onto your bar and spam …



This is the mini macro for the ability Shield of the Righteous - you need both but this doesn’t get put on your bar … just import it and leave it alone


No SIMS (because it’s a tank) - the only numbers I want to look at is the UPTIME on the SHIELD OF THE RIGHTEOUS ability:

Fight stat for a 14 Mechagon boss fight:

I am not a math wizard so I have NO CLUE on what the theoretical max uptime (with varying haste bonues) for Shield of the Righetous should be … but without using Memory of Lucid Dreams as a MAJOR I shoot for +>70% uptime for boss fights.

I don’t run TWILIGHT DEVASTATION or INFINITE STARS or any of them corruptions. I use HASTE procs and VERSATILITY proc items. Bruh … time to up that game and run with the big dogs …

If you have any problems getting the macro to work check out this video first:

Disclaimer: This macro was based off of the great Flashgreer’s macro over @ 8.2 Protection Paladin. ~Easy Mode~ Become the God of M+, Work smarter, not harder


RELEASED - Have fun !!!

Fantastic, cant wait to try it out :slight_smile:

Still working on said macro… highly interested in this

New Protection Paladin macro up - using the CLICK PAUSE feature for Shield of the Righteous ability - works great for me have at it and have fun ! - Released a bit early due to Shadowlands not getting released until NEXT YEAR … so have at it and go bash some heads

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Don’t be crazy, will be November at the latest.

November was the Earliest b4 Corona … but i hope your right

This works soooo good. Thanks.

Very welcome a labor of love

not sure what im doing wrong. i imported both macros. spam righteous protector. sometimes it fires SotR flawlessly and other times doesn’t fire it off at all.

Hey, first of all thanks for the insane macro. However, I have the same problem as larry-dumas1. SotR is not working most of the time. Other times it works flawlessly. Has it something to do with how fast I fire the Macro? Or do I need to setup some kind of reset in the GSE settings?


Keeps shutting off my sound effects. Otherwise its doing great.

Hey @nozomroto check out inside the GSE options for the sound option and try that to see if it fixes it.

It only seems to happen with this macro setup. I use many others for other classes from wowlazy and it never happens with those.

@nozomroto - because this macro calls another macro within it … i dont know of any other macros on here that do that

@mythos - make sure you are setting up the macro correctly both for your MS and the MS rate of which you are firing your mouse at

@larry-dumas1 - your gonna have to be a bit more upfront here - there’s so many unknown factors to your statement - are you testing it on training dummies, in dungeons, real world questing, are you out of charges because you are “out of combat range” - (the macro will still fire off Shield of Righteous even though you are out of range and waste charges) - your gonna have to put the actual ability Shield of Righteous on your BAR to see how many charges you have left and see what is going on with your side of things

@everyone - that last part will help out anyone else having issues - put Shield of Righteous on your ability bar and you will see how many charges it has to see whats’ going on should you be having any issues with the macro

Thank you for the quick answer, however I am a little lost with “setting up the macro correctly both for your MS and the MS rate of which you are firing”.

I am using a Steelseries 500 Mouse and I set the “spam” to 100ms. I played arround a little, but if I go under the 100ms SoTR spams to fast.
Do I have to set up MS in the AddOn or Macros itself?

ok first off you have to know how the /click pause feature even works so take a look here:

make sure your MS in GSE is set to the same MS as your Mouse / Keyboard (whatever your using to spam the key)


with the /click RIGHTEOUS function being in the KEYPRESS section it is normally going to be the very first thing the macro tries to do when you spam the macro

so: seeing how the Shield of the Righteous ability doesn’t require a target or anything within range you can spam that thing (and waste charges) if you are NOT in combat or in range of a mob

@everyone - that last part will help out anyone else having issues - put Shield of Righteous on your ability bar and you will see how many charges it has to see whats’ going on should you be having any issues with the macro

see if this video helps:

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You sir, are the best.
Thank you for that video explanation.
I was so used to an older version of GSE that I totally didn’t realize that there is an MS option in GSE. Thank you very much for your macro and your help! Keep up the good work. I left you a follow on Twitch on YouTube.

hope it helps … i was about to type a whole novel but figured a video would be easier!

stay safe and healthy!

Still knocks out my sound effects, otherwise working fine.

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