Shanus's Destro 8.2

ST and Aoe

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AoE and Single Target
Havoc mod=SHIFT
Rain of Fire @cursor mod=alt
Summon Infernal @player change to whatever you want or remove.
summons Imp with group or no group void walker

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Dark Soul: Instability

KeyPress: Summon Voidlord, Havoc, Rain of Fire, Summon Fel Imp

Main Sequence: Incinerate, Immolate, Summon Infernal, Concentrated Flame, Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate

KeyRelease: Dark Soul: Instability

You requested it , I delivered hope you all enjoy .
Demo Coming soon !

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Need to change pet summon part to:
/cast [nopet, Group] Summon Imp
/cast [nopet, nogroup] Summon Voidwalker

as you have voidlord and fel imp

works good so far

i will edit as soon as i can thank you very much for catching that i have my pets glyphed so i just named it what they were on my end.

Why do you suggest Demonic Sacrifice but have summon pet macros at the same time?
Shouldn’t the level 90 Talent be Grimoire of Supremacy?

can u plz tell when you run it , what is the MS@

I have kind of been against destro foreverrrr, but, since being introduced to this site, I will give it a shot again. And I liked how this worked on the targets, so… Wish me luck. xx

So, I have had time to test this out and I do like the damage output, however, I think having the infernal as a part of the macro is a mistake. You want that for boss fights. I think it would be better to have it as an indepent cast so that you do not waste it on trash.
So, for some reason, when I am using this macro, I keep getting a warning that I cannot loot something during a challenge. Yes, it happens when I am in M+'s.
Other than those two things, I like this macro.
If anyone has an idea of how I can fix these things, please let me know.


You can remove that from the macro if you like - all you have to do is to edit it out.

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I also found “null” in a lot of the macros I have been trying here. I am assuming it means that the spell that was used as ref is no longer.

dont remove that ,null its in there to prevent the spell going off on the same target over and over, once its been cast it will no longer cast it untill your target switches