[Share Your Story] How WoW Lazy Macros or GSE has helped you or someone else?

Some know the story and some do not, this site was created back in 2011 after I made 1-button macros for all classes and specs for a friend that had an accident at work and lost mobility in one of his arms.

The goal of the site is to share the knowledge and to help others no matter their situation, and to help bring back some enjoyment and relaxation time while playing World of Warcraft.

Please share how WoW Lazy Macros or GSE add-On has helped you or someone you might know. Whether it be easing discomfort, enabling better game play or just plain lazyness :wink:

/stayLazy zZz…

A few of the many success stories:


With only about 25% feeling in my left hand and using a keyboard was very difficult until I managed to find GnomeSequencer on WoW Interface authored by semlar back in the day, found the WoW Lazy Macro site and the rest is history so I can enjoy playing.

A big shout out to all the Macro authors, people providing positive feedback-past and future, Lutechi and last, but not least, Mr. Timothy Luke. Thank you!


Thirteen years ago my left hand was smashed in between bay doors of an aircraft hanger. After it healed I still have frequent hand and finger spasms as well as lockups. I have been using Tim’s macros for years as it helps me play the World of Warcraft game to the level of enjoyment I want. This site (BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU LU-TECH-EEE) and Mr.Tim’s macros are a god-send. Thanks for everything yall do.


thank you all who make these marco’s and share them with us, im a older gamer with arthritis in my hands, ans these marcos allow me to play easier, so thanks to you all who share on here.

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I´m old and super Lazy. This site has helped me alot to have fun in the game. How am i supposed to even manage all keypressing at 46 years old :slightly_smiling_face: But most important Lazymacros made this game fun again so i salute all ppl that makes this site run.
Best regards

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I lost about 50% usage of my right arm due to a work accident almost three years ago. I basically gave up on gaming in general due to the pain and other issues associated with having to constantly use my arm when operating a mouse for all of the movement. Between GSE, the work of several talented people with the lazy macros, and a multi-button mouse, I am able to fully enjoy playing WoW again.

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I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla and as I got older it was getting downright painful to play for me. I found out that I had developed carpal tunnel and that it would be difficult for me to play at a level I was used to so I quit. My friends were encouraging me to come back but I was hesitant due to my old school mindset that if I couldn’t carry my own weight that I wouldn’t be a burden. It was around that time I found this website and it really changed things for me, and I am able to play with my friends on a more or less even level and just focus on having fun.

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I joined this wonderful site after becoming disabled, I was struggling with multi button due to arthritis in my hands, elbows, and knees, this site has become a god send to me, I can do most things now in wow, I am still a bit slow at times but manage to keep up, I cant raid or do mythic + because my reflexs are so slow, but apart from that I can do most stuff, a big thank you to all at this site for your help…

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Hey, I have been around for a while now. I was prior military and loved to play me some wow on the side. When WOTLK came out I lost the ability to use my left hand and left leg, leaving me without the power to play. I sadly started to use Auto rotations and stuff and got banned a bunch, no matter how much I begged and pleaded with WoW they didn’t really care. Eventually, I found a way to play with mostly the use of one hand using a very special mouse, but I had to put in like 10x more work than the rest of the people and no matter how perfect I played, I was always a bit behind. I ran into the OG of this on youtube one day and asked about it and told him a bit of my story. He was polite, kind, and helped me find a way to use this. Funny enough I ended up using this a lot for downtime to give my hand a break and would go DPS spec. When I wanted to heal, I would throw caution to the wind and with the combination of Vuhdo, I became one of the top healers / DPS in my guild and server.

The funny thing is I even made a few basic simple macro combo’s with this for my own use due to how my unique play style. Never once have I taken credit, I have always said it was thanks to the help of Addons and one site and an amazing person who happened to be on youtube and spoke to me in a discord server.

Thank you for giving me back a favorite past time of mine, and for giving me a sense of personal happiness back.

As I said on the youtube channel, and to that person personally. Thank you for giving me my life back.


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