[Share Your Story] How WoW Lazy Macros or GSE has helped you or someone else?

Some know the story and some do not, this site was created back in 2011 after I made 1-button macros for all classes and specs for a friend that had an accident at work and lost mobility in one of his arms.

The goal of the site is to share the knowledge and to help others no matter their situation, and to help bring back some enjoyment and relaxation time while playing World of Warcraft.

Please share how WoW Lazy Macros or GSE add-On has helped you or someone you might know. Whether it be easing discomfort, enabling better game play or just plain lazyness :wink:

/stayLazy zZz…

A few of the many success stories:

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With only about 25% feeling in my left hand and using a keyboard was very difficult until I managed to find GnomeSequencer on WoW Interface authored by semlar back in the day, found the WoW Lazy Macro site and the rest is history so I can enjoy playing.

A big shout out to all the Macro authors, people providing positive feedback-past and future, Lutechi and last, but not least, Mr. Timothy Luke. Thank you!


Thirteen years ago my left hand was smashed in between bay doors of an aircraft hanger. After it healed I still have frequent hand and finger spasms as well as lockups. I have been using Tim’s macros for years as it helps me play the World of Warcraft game to the level of enjoyment I want. This site (BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU LU-TECH-EEE) and Mr.Tim’s macros are a god-send. Thanks for everything yall do.


thank you all who make these marco’s and share them with us, im a older gamer with arthritis in my hands, ans these marcos allow me to play easier, so thanks to you all who share on here.

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I´m old and super Lazy. This site has helped me alot to have fun in the game. How am i supposed to even manage all keypressing at 46 years old :slightly_smiling_face: But most important Lazymacros made this game fun again so i salute all ppl that makes this site run.
Best regards

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