Simple unholy macro

Hi there,

this is my latest macro. I´ve tried to keep it simple. Fire alt for Apoclypse. Outbreak is applied to every new target and at the end of rotation. My favorite talents are: 2,2,2,3,2,3,2



Thank you will give this a go :slight_smile:

Realy Good Macro so far i see Thumbs Up

Had too Replace Death Coil with Death Strike for Leveling but it worked realy Good. Tested it out for Leveling from 90 - 100 and it does a great Job so Far.

macro is awesome man!!!

macro is awesome nice one thank you

is good for pvp?

any pvp macro for damage and servival

Well thank you for the feedback. I don’t do any pvp, so I can really not say anything on that subject.

I recently decided to switch talents to 2223232 since Epidemic is very powerful in aoe situations. I am thinking of adding an Epidemic switch but I can´t get a ctrl/strg switch working. May be a problem with my german keyboard layout. If anyone has a solution for that problem, please let me know. Should be as simple as adding
/cast [mod:alt] Epidemic in the KeyPress section. For the time beeing I just use a seperate key.

bumping post to save thread

Hey Dionysus,
thanks for sharing your Macro!
The only solution to your ctrl problem i ever read here, is to unbind this key in the wow settings. You could find it at the pet section i guess.

To any UH DK with better Gear than my one (330, view haste) - is it worth to farm Gear ? Because i remember in the past UH was mutch more fluid Gameplay. I did placed plague on some targets, pop D&D and starts to spam Clawing Shadows (at least 3 in a row…little pause and 1-2 more). Now i am lucky if i am able to use two Clawing Shadows.

Will this get better with a higher level of haste / better Azerite traits ?

Hi Nobody,
that makes a lot of sense. I will try the unbind the key. Thank you for this. I think the fluidity went overboard when they changed the global cooldown mechanic. Haste is important too, I have around 1000 @ 371. But this macro is not build for clawing shadows. At least not if you leave melee range. I would love a ranged dk build. But through the wound mechanic that is not viable. If you want clawing shadows to fire from range you need a single cast and not not a castsequence.

What MS are you running this at?

Change the talent number in your macro as they are not correct.

Note to others, Don’t change Death Coil as it resets your ghouls.

Remove /cast [mod:alt] Apocalypse
and add /cast [combat] Apocalypse below Death Coil

Run at 300MS

thanks for the macro im lvln my dk with it seems to work nicely.

is it worthwhile haing apocalypse in the main sequence?

300 ms seems awefully slow im running it at 70

any idea where i can add Necrotic Strike in marcos for pvp ?

I’m now at 320 ilvl and I hit generally about 5-7k and will burst about 13k ish. Haven’t symed this yet might do tonight but I am happy with the way it goes with a few personal tweaks for my play style.

Hi, I am fairly new to using this addon. My question applies directly this macro, but could be used for others with similar issues.
Anyway, here is my question I have, I was wondering if there is a way to edit this macro so the trinket will target at my characters feet, such as
/use [@player] 14? How do I edit the trinket portion of this macro for to be at player?
If possible, I am sure its something simple, but as I said I am new to this addon.
Thanks in advance!

I’m not familier with trinks I have the big red button one myself on my Dk and I just manually select when it comes up.
/use [@player] trinket one

Something like that maybe?