SirLimbo - Prot Warrior Kyrian

Trying to modify the AIO, I’ve removed the auto target a new enemy, Storm Bolt and Shockwave from the main sequence as I believe these should manually be activated. I’ve also removed Execute, Charge, Throw and Taunt from the macro. It’s mainly focusing on the Shield Block, Ignore Pain and main DPS ability rotations now.

This was originally based on Lutechi 9.x+ Protection Warrior Macro All-in-One

Could anyone let me know if I’ve made my changes correctly and it makes sense please? First time trying GSE, also had to remove links as a new poster.


Usage Information

Mod:Alt - Revenge | Mod:Shift - Spell Reflection | Mod:Ctrl - Shield Wall

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.44.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Spell Reflection, Battle Shout, Revenge, Shield Wall

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, Devastate, Victory Rush

KeyRelease: Avatar, Ignore Pain, Shield Block, Revenge, Thunder Clap

//Edit 1/2/3/4: Post layout changes
//Edit 5: Removed Execute from Key Release too much rage being used.
//Edit 6: Removed Charge/Taunt/Throw on target swap. Spear of Bastion removed. Swapped Spell reflection to SHIFT and Shield Wall to CTRL
//Edit 7: Description changes.

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Marco works fine but not pratical SoB auto fire leads to bad timings taunt/charge/throw on target swap leads to wasted taunts/extra pulls.

AiO tank macros are not very good IMO, cd’s/utilitys should be on mods or sep all togeter to prevent the above from happening (tech cd’s should be on mods for all macros but thats just me how dumb do dh’s look firing off beam on dead mobs well dumb or looks like a bot)

But like i said it works just fine but if im being honest its not practical for higher end content

@Tree_Way thank you for your reply, I will take that into consideration and update my macro over the coming few days.

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I have removed Charge/Taunt/Throw on target swap, Spear of Bastion removed completely. Swapped Spell reflection to SHIFT and Shield Wall to CTRL (personal preference).

Personal thoughts, I am thinking of removing Shield Wall and Spell Block from my modifiers and swapping them for Spear of Bastion (@cursor) and Shockwave instead. This is because I’m mainly thinking this macro should focus more on the DPS rotation and have those defensives bound to standard buttons outside of this macro.

will be “test driving” the macro tonight. any tips on how fast it should be running? or manual press