Skills that change name based on talents

Hello there, sort of a specific question here however,

I’m writing a macro for my feral druid. Currently Brutal Slash, replaces swipe as an ability, by name and in GSE.

SIngle target, you’ll use brutal slash on cooldown, but if you dont talent it, you won’t use swipe single target.

How can I write a macro in gse, that will fire off Brutal Slash if I’ve talented it, but if not, it WON’T use swipe in its place.

For example, if I talent brutal slash, and use

/cast [nochanneling] Brutal Slash

It works great, but if I want to talent into an aoe build, and not take brutal slash, it will automatically change the brutal slash line to

/cast [nochanneling] Swipe

Instead, which I don’t want.

Just trying to have it all work in one macro, rather than have to have separate macros based on talent choices, it gets annoying switching them around.

Thank you.

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That’s perfect, solved my problem, thank you so much. Much appreciated.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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