SOLVED: I hover over the icon and it says to drag it to my action bar but it's not dragging at all

EDIT: Solved - You have to select the macro and click “Create Icon”.

Here’s a video clip of me trying to click and drag the icon:

This is similar to the issue reported here but my character macros are not full.

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Highlight the macro and click the create icon button so the book turns to a ? then you’ll be able to drag it

@Peroguey There are a limited number of macro slots availible in WoW’s /macro interface. GSE can store an unlimited number of macros though. The tradeoff is those macros with a closed book are not linked into the /macro list. This means you can add and deactivate macros without having to delete them.

That makes complete sense and is a great feature. I just wish the tooltip changed when there’s no icon that can be dragged so it’s a little more straightforward for noobs like me. :slight_smile:

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