Squishy Enhancement M+ Raid AOE (Elementalist)

This is a macro based on the Icey Veins M+ AOE and single target build!
How to use -

  • Manually cast Flame Shock on a mob
  • Ensure the mob with flame shock is your target
  • Spam macro
  • at 5+ stacks of maelstrom weapon, use Shift+macro to cast elemental blast or ALT to cast chain lightning for 3+ mobs
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE! CTRL+Macro will now cast Primordial wave, then cast lightning bolt. this will give you 25% more hast per mob inflicted with flame shock. this is a MASSIVE boost to DPS in groups and single target!




Usage Information

Created at 200MS
Manually cast Flame Shock on primary MOB at the start of fight (i have mound to middle mouse)

ALT = Chain Lightning (for 3+ mobs)
SHFT = Elemental Blast (only at 5+ stacks of maelstrom)
CTRL = (IMPORTANT!!!) This will cast Primordial Wave, then Lightning bolt for MASSIVE haste! make sure lightning bolt is fired off!

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.26.


Thanks, the best macro so far!


Thank you for posting your macro!

I have been using:
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Flame Shock, null
in the KeyPress block after the mods instead of manually, and it seems to work pretty good.

Healing Stream Totem didn’t seem to be firing in KeyRelease, so I added it into the rotation.

Crash Lightning sometimes seems to be firing before Target is in range. Still working on fixing that.

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Thanks! I made some big changes and will updating soon - keep an eye out today!

I will try this today! I ended up taking Healing totem out of the macro all together as it leads to more down time - great advice on flame shock!
I will release an update today!

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Update is now live!
Only need to manually cast Primordial Wave! Thanks for the suggestion on Flame Shock Null!

My Item level is 374:
Single target DPS = 18k - 20k after 2 minutes
AOE MOB = 60k after 2 minutes


My dps increased from 45 - 47 k to 55 - 60 k. Thanks!

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@lvl 65, this macro is working great! I did add the Healing Stream Totem back in (for lvling) and added /targetenemy [noharm,nodead][dead] in KeyPress (but I think Enable Action Targeting in WoW options does the same thing).

Thanks for the macro! Looking forward to seeing it run at lvl70.

Awesome macro, improved my DPS fo 20% at least!
It was smooth as silk for leveling, but at lvl 70 it locks up after a few cycles and does white damage, Trying to figure out what could be

Alright, apparently Enable Action Targeting on blizzard options, caused the macro to lock up. That’s annoying, I’ll try /targetenemy and see if it works

Take a look at this rotation/talent build. Very close to your Squishy build, but with a few interesting changes!

oops, this one ==> TRINITY (Hailstorm) BUILD ROTATION!! - YouTube

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Which one? @KnightBreed

So that is the single target elementalist build which i am almost done with.
Right now it’s running well but i cant figure out how to only summon the windfury totem when it’s not present

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So the reason it’s locking up and not changing targets automatically is the “Cast Flame Shock, null” it isnt working as intended and ive since made it a manual cast again.
Another update is Primordial blast NEEDS to be followed by lightning bolt which is in the newest build. I will release them both today once i figure out the windfury totem issue

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Thanks @Gets_em_Squishy , I’m enjoying the shammy and all the credit is to your great job! Looking forward to testing the new version

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Good luck in that as I’ve never seen some one figure out how to integrate wf totem, other than just using alt/ctrl/shift modifier.

My shammy has been using this on 12-15 keys as well as heroic raid. Really looking forward to the updates incoming!

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I discovered a huge missing part in this rotation is the crazy bump to haste. Holding CTRL for a a few seconds will cast Primordial Wave, then Lightning bolt. (make sure lightning bolt fires off before releasing CTRL)
Why is this important?

My base haste is 16%. in a group pull that is all infected with Flame shock, the lightning bolt will hit all targets like chain lightning does but you get a massive 25% increase to haste PER mob hit by lightning bolt. this has taken my haste upto 85% without lust. More haste = more maelstrom weapon = more damage!

Follow this rule on all mobs

  1. Cast Flame Shock Manually
  2. Spam macro as the opener is very strong and can get you to 8 or 10 stacks VERY fast
  3. Hold Shift (if single target) or ALT (if multi target)
  4. HOLD CTL - wait to see it cast PW then cast LB
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4

Hi! I dont know what is going on with my game, but when i hold control, nothing happens :confused:
I see this happening with other macros also and i dont know how to fix it.
Does anyone have any idead why my “Hold control” dont work?

PS: When i press Ctrl, the macro just stops, till i let go of the key.

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You need to release Control as a key bind. There should be an option for this in GSE settings.

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As mentioned by another member. WOW has a keybind for CTRL + whatever slot you have it in.