Squishy Enhancement M+ Raid AOE (Elementalist)

yes I made sure that is the latest one. I haven’t tested it today thought but tomorrow after reset I will.

I get the same issue after a bit as Tracy. It just stops mid fight :stuck_out_tongue:

if I don’t rename or change the pic it seems to work

Amazing macro mate, congratulations! I’m pulling easily 20k on single target right after getting to lvl.70 and a mix of AH bought and WQ items. One question I have is regarding Windfury Totem. I understood it’s one of the main reasons why Enhancement Shamans are very well valued in M+ as you can lay down the totem and everyone gets 20% of double strike. I see it’s not in your OP build, is there any particular reason why?

What kind of results are people getting with this macro in m+?