Tank charge macro

please help, i’m trying to make a stand alone macro to /go Battle stance, charge, battle shout, back to defensive stance for classic. just by itself, but to no avail. my apologies if this is the wrong thread to ask/post this.

try this its working gooooooooooooood for me My Prot Leveling

well you can do castsequence in classic wow where you would have to double tap it like
/castsequence reset=combat Battle Stance, Charge
but you will want to add the same to your other abilities so you change back into defensive stance
/castsequence reset=combat Defensive Stance, Sunder Armor
this way you wont get hit to hard when you actually fight the mobs
by the way unless they changed it reset combat dont work in gse

Ty for responses. I use a Logitech controller to play. Ended up putting BS on what would be circle on ps controller. hitting that changes bar n turns button to charge. I then charge, re-up BC if necessary, then push what would be X on controller which starts Barbarachs tanking macro that puts me back in defensive stance. Once again ty for taking the time to answer.