The AC and killer cobra and owtp build

are there any macro makeers that could make a macro for this it looks to be a good build and its pushing out some good numbers but my macro i have is not using the kill command after the BW plz could some one have a go


hi thanks for doing that but it wont import for some reason may be you have nt got all the macro in the export

my bad i have it all thanks i will try it out

@vannhellsing_2585 how did this end up working for you? I play a BM hunter too and just swapped back to AC.

sorry for the late reply i been away for work

its working out a lot better

Are there specific Azerite Traits we should use? Such as dance of death compared to Primal Instincts?

3x DOD 1 PRIMAL and 1 HAZE OF RAGE is what im using and also overwhelming power

Are you using Killer Cobra or Aspect of the Beast?

killer cobra for m plus i use aspect

I keep simming better with Aspect of the Beast. Killer Cobra keeps putting down my dps, so I am trying to see what conditions its better for.

make sure you havew a lot of crit and MOC is no good now its TOTH and also sim your wep enchant to im now using gale force

Since when is MOC not good?

since the sims tell you to not use it use raidbotts and sim talents

Actually MOC has been bad for a while…

MOC has been a thorn for months