Not really. Usually I press rushing jade wind before pull and my group gives me a few seconds. I also tab through the enemies, so I hit everything at least once. I mean sure, the fury grabs aggro some times, when bursting for 180k, but most of the time a simple taunt does the trick.

Maybe it’s because I am running the macro quite fast (~25-40 MS)

that’s just dps going zugzug… get a hunter in the group with misdirect or a rogue with tricks of the trade :slight_smile:
this is why I love my feral, it builds up dps so I never get aggro :smiley:

For reference, Nokhud Offensive +16 timed. Using the AoE Macro.

Hello, may i ask if i am pressing the macro it only stays as a Question Mark and the abilities or skills are not showing, but the macro is working perfectly well, may i ask is there a work around on it? thank you

Thanks for making me love BM again, this is so sweet and making it so fun to perform in M+. Both ST och AoE works great.

lol, for a sec there i had to go look what class/spec this was. when you said BM, i thought i clicked into a Beastmaster chat. just wan ted to say this to put smile on people faces.

exact same happend to me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Again, I have to thank you for the macro. Cleared heroic Vault with no problems.
Only thing bothering me is consistency in single target fights. On Terros HC I even have 91% log for damage with the single target macro. The other encoutners are about 60% logs. Maybe I am doing something fundamentally wrong.

Great work!

your logs are compared to the top top people right ? so what I would do is:

thats what I would do

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Hello mate trying out your macro today, just wondering if there was a specific reason that you have the modifiers in every block rather than just one of the Macro Variables at the bottom like most other macros do?

Will post some feedback for you after doing some testing.

Hello, i haven’t played in a while, may i ask if this is still viable on 10.0.7? or i will wait for the update? thank you

nothing has really changed from 10.0.5 to 7 … so yes this still works


can we delete the variable at the very end? seems not used, am i wrong?

Will this be updated for 10.1? Seems like a fun macro!

Fun macro
So I like to have stuff that I need to repeat click in a macro spam
So I placed (Purifying Brew) on every sequence cast. Is this a bad idea?
Will it be a waist?
/cast [mod:shift] Leg Sweep
/cast [mod:alt] Healing Elixir
/cast [mod:ctrl] Spinning Crane Kick
/castsequence [nochanneling] Touch of Death, Expel Harm, Purifying Brew

Imo it is a bad idea

You only use Putifying Brew to clear 50% of your stagger…

Petsonally i waited until my stagger was maxed iut at 100% to get the benefits then use PB to clear some and help out the healer

I havent played S2 at all … this macro a till working good ?

Thinking about coming back for S3 or Patch 11


loved it :slight_smile: had two runs into FH15 just for a test drive and i liked how the macro ran… :slight_smile:

i just removed expel harm from the macro because i like to run it manually.

PS: had to insert the talent tree manually because of the changes introduced with 10.1.5, rendering all talent tree strings ‘broken’ and unable to be imported into the game.

please come back :smiley: there are monks in need of your work here :slight_smile:

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hey usmcguy, when will you comeback bro? hehe, need the drunken master for 10.2 badly bro. :smiley:

hope you will come back.

Been back for a few - got 3 KSM’s with 3 different tanks already - having a blast ~~ this one has been updated up top[