lol 99% not bad not bad

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Hey usmcguy, thank you for your continued work and the great macro. I noticed in your videos it looks like you are pressing the correct buttons and it doesnt look like a one button press at all, how did you manage to do that if I may ask? :slight_smile:

GSE does it. If you have the skill you are using in the sequence bound to your actionbars it will show the visual “clicking/pressing of the button”.

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Hello, I have a question regarding the talents. I have switched some in Monk tree like Tiger Tail Sweep for Ferocity of Xuen but what about Face Palm in Brewmaster tree? I have looked at the macro and Tiger Palm is not being used anywhere both for tier and non-tier version. It might be from some previous version but I am using the picture provided by you for talents and that one does not make sense, unless Tiger Palm is secretly used somewhere.

Edit: I have tried to import the talents for the first time and realized that it is different from the picture and Face Palm is no longer there. Attached is what currently works the best for me with latest non-tier version of macro in dungeons. Windwalking talent is fine but I would argue that 2% total dps is better than 2% movement speed for the party.

Fixed with latest update : look above at original post. Two seperate sequences for Multi-Target / Single-Target.

Agree. We all play what we want to right ?

Thank you. I will try it later on today. Yesterday, I realized that Eye of the Tiger talent was also tied to Tiger Palm but that is solved now. This site has pretty good breakdown of each talent - Method Brewmaster Monk Guide - Talents - Dragonflight 10.0 … I might try Fast Feet instead of that Eye of the Tiger portion to get more DPS from it on AoE fights and also try switching Staggering Strikes for something else.
I am really grateful for the work you put into it, I am just making some critical suggestions. I understand that everyone has their own preferances and what might work for me in M+ might not be usable for others.

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I have just tried to import both new macros and both non-tier versions are exactly the same and do not include either Spinning Crane Kick or Tiger Palm. Is that on purpose? Do I need to get the tier bonus to utilize these spells? It seems that without the tier bonus, I should only use one of the macros since they are the same.

Edit: I can see it now, that without at least 2 piece set, it does not make sense to use Spinning Crane Kick or Tiger Palm. I will have separate talents for those then.

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i used the code from Macro and it had 19 points left to spend so i took them from here instead… Sorry i have dyslexia. hard fo rme to write ann understand english sometimes

lol huh ?

working code ? is that the GSE Sequence ? which version ?

I have 19 points ??

The talents ??

Copy and paste works for me …

ok i’m confuse on that too. its working just fine for me and from what others are saying, for them also. what is 19 points? if its talent points then you might have the wrong talent code. i have no talent points available when import the code @usmcguy posted.

Cheers for the amazing macro, but Rushing jade wind is just not firing, maybe maybe 4 or 5 times in the whole dungeon. same goes for spinning crane kick! Love the work man! keep it up

Performs really well. Healing is absurdely strong.
In single target scenarios and Tyrannical weeks I would swap Charred Passion for Dragonfire Brew.
And it could use more Black Out Kicks.

Amazing work! Thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing. I can’t get the macro to work for very long. I started receiving restrictedExecution.lua:431 errors and it disables the macro

I hope you are still around to give us your take on a tweaked build for 10.05, both for us unlucky souls who do not have tier and those who have been able to acquire it.

i am - updated with new talents - work in progress seeing how 10.05 is so new - but with very little testing we are self-healing WAAY MORE - our dmg is dip - and im having weirdo aggro issues with dps that can pump 100k+ … so we’ll see how it goes


Old version worked fine in yesterdays Nokhud +16. Healing was STELLAR. Damage was okish. I could push dps a little with more manual Blackout Kicks.

Damage hasnt dipped for me, but relocated from Resonant Fists to the actual abilities.
Set bonus was up consistently.

I will test the new version later.
Good macros so far.

can u share talents please

It’s up top in the main post

I see that only talents have changed, not the macro itself. If you are looking for more dps, try my talent build (tested in M+ and raid).