the /stopcasting macro is messing up all my streams

what I want is for the macro to act normally, that is, that step 4 cannot be issued

this is my macro:
Step 1
/castsequence [nochanneling] fireball

Step 2
/cast fire explosion

Step 2
/cast phoenix flame

Step 4
/cast pyroexplosion

To do what you are wanting to do you are going to have to look into pauses. You will need a pause before step 4 to ensure that at a minimum the GCD is free. If you don’t have clear air and can’t cast at the beginning of step 4 all you will do is clip wherever the macro is currently.

I describe the technique here: Cast spell only when it becomes instant

Note from that link it was for GSE2. Each line in that needs to be its own action and the /click pauses are now pause blocks.

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Do you know if the macro / castrandom is still working?