Threat generating dungeon tank (prot)

Heres a custom version of the prot leveling macro for prot level grind (52+) and endgame tanking.


Charge in manually using the following wow macro…

/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,stance:3] Intercept

…then activate the gse macro when you are at the target.

It will Thunder Clap from the rage generated by Charge, then switch to Berserker Stance, activate Berserker Rage, Whirlwind, switch to Defensive Stance, apply Demo Shout, apply Sunder to any target (once per target swap), stack Sunders when rage available, and the rest of the prot rotation.

All you do then is run around switching targets that you lose aggro on (preferably those closing on your healer/clothies first) till everything is dead.

Use the following Taunt macro liberally on any melee mobs that you lose aggro on:

#show Taunt
/cast [stance:2] Taunt; Defensive Stance

Using a nameplate addon such as Threat plates or the even better Plater (with a classic profile imported from, in conjunction with the macro is recommended, because it makes seeing which mob(s) to focus the moment you lose aggro, so much easier than default nameplates ever could.

If you need to Intercept, toggle off the macro and spam the Charge macro above a couple of times (it will enter Berserker and Intercept, if in combat), otherwise use the modifier in the gse macro (ctrl will do the same thing while gse macro is spamming).

You can also use the Charge macro mid fight just to get back into Battle Stance. The gse macro will then Thunder Clap whenever it has enough rage, after which you can hit the Charge macro again to go back into Berserker, which will make the gse macro Berserker Rage if its up, Whirlwind, go back into Defensive Stance, etc.

If you need to Disarm (very useful against enraged mobs), toggle off the macro for a second or two to build rage, then use Disarm and toggle back on, or you can put Disarm on the alt modifier (instead of Heroic Strike for rage dumping that is there by default).

Talents required (15/5/31):

If not yet 60, put points into Cruelty last.

Running this at 100 ms.


thanks, trying it out. im only 46 though

Try to get 2/2 Imp Charge, 5/5 Tactical Mastery and 3/3 Imp Heroic Strike in Arms asap.

You need Imp Charge and Tactical at the very least for the rotation to work and not skip because of being rage starved.

yeah this is all i have to work with right now, any changes to the macro that would help?

Hey Rob why not go full arms? It’s much easier to level and PVP as Arms and you can tank any 5 man even lvl 60 stuff as Arms in Def stance.

i was, i just respecced. I figured if i was joust going to spam dungeons i might as well go full prot

Not really.

I guess Id just use the original prot leveling macro in the other thread till you hit 52 or so and you can switch to this one.


I am trying your macro, I think any 15/0/X can work correct ?

Yeah, but 5/5 Cruelty helps threat generation.

Another good change is to put Cleave on alt, and to do some AoE after the Demo Shout if there are 3+ mobs.

I made some change to the macro.

I moved this line:
/castsequence [combat,nomod,stance:2] reset=combat Demoralizing Shout, Battle Shout, null
and added the Battle shout so both shout are cast 1 time per combat, early on.
To the Keyrelease bottom left case.

Also I had a bug (maybe because of this)
When i toggle the Battle stance, in combat, it was stuck to it.
So I add this line below this: /cast [combat,nomod,stance:3] Defensive Stance
/cast [combat,nomod,stance:1] Defensive Stance

Also, i cannot toggle to combat with the charge macro when i am in combat correct, it stance me on zerk only. But np i toggle my self to Battle stance for a thunder clap.

where exactly did you make these changes? i would like to do the same but not sure where.

How does it work when in high level?

Anyone that uses this at lvl 55+?

Im now using these two macros for prot tanking.

This is for AoE.

Try to pull using Charge wherever ranged los pulls arent needed.

Ctrl will swap to Berserker Stance and Whirlwind (only do this if you have enough rage to WW after dancing).

Alt will Cleave.


This is for single target. Puts up 5 sunders and then u just refresh before they fall off using ctrl.

Alt to HS if youre going to get rage capped.


Hey LazyTurtle

Thanks for taking the time to make these…
I am having a hard time holding Agro with you old macro and this new one. Running DM West at 59 with all BRD and above gear

I run the macros with AHK, set to 180ms

Even pulling groups of 3 using MT_Raid and tabling around to hold Agro I struggle

What am I doing wrong? Any direction would be awesome, I’m struggling here.

why are you running berk stance for threat tanking?

Unfortunately the way classic works is that you will always be chasing aggro unless you outgear the dps significantly enough (sometimes, like with mages and locks, you will never sufficiently outgear them to prevent loss of aggro).

The best you can do is pick up the initial threat on targets and try to hold it as long as possible, before invariably having to use your prot talents to regain any targets you lose.

The way I do this is to let the macro do its job for the first few globals, usually after a cleave or two, and then the moment one peels off to attack a dps or healer, I either taunt, concussion blow, or disarm it.

Those three talents in succession (each on a different target), usually taunt first, because by the time youre done using all three, taunt will be up again.

One important thing to get the hang of, is to toggle the macro off before using conc blow or disarm, to build the rage required for them (which the macro would otherwise use up for its rotation). Right after you use either one of these, you can toggle it on again.

So the sequence might look like this: Taunt > hit taunted target > toggle off macro > tab target to another target that you lost aggro on > Concussion Blow > tab target to another target you lost aggro on > Disarm > toggle on macro… etc. I also like to disarm especially any melee mob because they are the ones who do a lot of damage with their melee hits.

In fact, the best way to tank is to maintain focus mostly on all the melee mobs in a given pack, because the caster mobs can be interrupted by dps in your group, and you can also tab target > interrupt them if needed. But keeping the melee mobs off the healer and clothies should be your first priority. Conc blow on an enraged melee mob hitting your healer, or disarming it if you have to tab target Taunt another mob, is the ideal way to make use of these talents.

Also, you should always Charge in where possible, let the mobs hit you for a second or two to get the rage for Thunder Clap, then toggle on the macro (assuming youre using the AoE macro in multi target fights, which is recommended).

You should also be using a well balanced prot spec with these particular macros.

I use the following (Imp Revenge, for example, is very useful in dungeons):

Eventually you’ll find, when you get geared enough, that you can hold threat much better.

One way to do that is to build a threat set for dungeon tanking, which has higher stats and crit than a purely defense set.

One more thing I would do, is try speeding up the macro.

I run mine at 100 ms, although maybe slower would work just as well.

Trying to run it at the same speed as the length of your gcd is probably a good idea.

And lastly, I only use MT_Raid on pure single target (like a boss) or sometimes, occasionally on a two target fight.

Any fight with 2-3+ targets like you find in dungeons is best tackled with the AoE macro.

It doesnt run zerker stance except for a global; it just puts you in it at the start to pop zerker rage, before going back into Defensive.

This is to make use of the increased rage generation from zerker rage (when getting hit), which is especially useful at the start of a pull, along with the rage gen from Bloodrage.

I use the same tank spec as you linked, thank you for the reply I will try some of your tips tonight! I appreciate it

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