Thunders Fury // Enhancement Shaman Shadowlands Edition

deleted … peace out community

more than welcome to join my discordL


I feel with more haste making the cool downs faster this will smooth out even more

what is your ms in game when you use the macro? I have 50 home and 80 world.

I made a account to say that the intro for this macro is bad ass
love it

Could u share the WA that track the frostbrand abd the flametongue pls.

@james-harris - ~50 ish for both home and world

@SILVAYUS - thank you for the kind words

@christian-schroder - added to main introduction thread

what is the 10ms part of this section? just curious.


There are three different versions in this macro:

  • Version 1 - PvE World - Self Healing - 10ms - 3/2/2/2/1/1/1
  • Version 2 - PvE Raid / Dungeon (No Self Healing) - 10ms - 3/2/1/2/2/1/1
  • Version 3 - PvE World / Heart Essence / - 10ms - 3/2/2/2/1/1/1
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This macro is boss. Huge props to you dude for sharing it.
I am only sitting at 430ish ilvl and lacking in weapons hard but this is tearing ass.

doesnt work here. created, but when i click, nothing happens

it works just fine … something must be bugged out on your end … unfortunately with the amount of information you give I am unable to offer any sort of guidance and/or help

perhaps these links will suffice:


tried, but still doesnt works :frowning: omg

Working fine for me at the moment. Wonder why it’s not for you? Are you getting a actual icon or a ? as the icon

I deleted all my macros, import again, but nothing. I use many macros for another classes, and they works fine.

  • You in the right spec ?
  • You have melee weapons equipped ?

I mean now that we have confirmed the macro works and other macros of yours work then its time to take a look at the more simple things

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just tried it out for the lol of it, since your macro’s are always good and detailed explanation.

Can confirm it works just fine without any hickups whatsoever.

Kudo’s bro, again! Thanks for your contributions.

Looks awesome. Enhance must be one of the more difficult specs to make a macro for, so thank you for taking the time

I like your UI. Any chance you could share how to get your vertical health bars?

Go to my twitch page and look for the EVLUI links … there are two … a dps one and a healer one … import the codes and check them out

Thank you, man. Will give you a follow while I’m there!

Is it possible too make a version with Sundering in it?

It looks like you have the wrong class for this macro. You have 262 which is elemental and it should be 263 I believe.

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