UBM: Ultimate BM Macro

ok thanks but are u sure the Toggle is allowed ? i thought u have to hold down the button.

I’ve been using the toggle every day since BFA launched.

Could you tell me exactly where to put Condensed Flame ? might need to be in a few places, ive tried a few places but sometimes it messes up the Barbed Shot going off in time to get good Ferocity Stacks, which is what makes the base macro so good in the first place. I recently found dropping chimera shot also helps with that (no need to change macro, just talent). i get best results running at 170ms.

IS putting Condensed flame in place of Mend pet ideal? Or do they have diff global cool downs?

Would you make a version that takes barbed shot out, so the stacks could be done manually? as long as all the other stuff is handled by the macro it shouldn’t be too hard to manage stacks alone.

Thanks for all your work, lets get it even better, right now i sim at 28k and i can hit that and higher with this macro in burst if i help it a bit by keeping kill command up a bit more, and pvp talents, and a nudge on barbed shot here and there.

your doing it wrong. spend 50$ on a corsair kb55, use the built in hardware macro. or use autohotkey free. its legal now

I started using this macro recently and it is bloody amazing!. I threw a aoe burst that hit 370K dps and I can hold 40-50k dps comfortably in Queen of Azshara heroic raid with ilvl434. I like the fact that this refreshes barbed shot in time all the time. It is perhaps a perfect macro, thank you very much OP.