UBM: Ultimate BM Macro

Hi guys. I’ll share my macro for BM.
It’s nearly the same as BootyHunter’s one, but i change a few things.

I spam it @80ms with logitech software, but it’s the same for AHK.

Here is an exemple of result, vs normal Grong helping guild mates (408ilvl):

My objectiv with this macro is too get all quality of life possible.
I want an all in one macro. I don’t get any rotation skill on modifiers, and dont really get any problem with barbed shot going too late.

I have 3 modifiers that are out of rotation (so you don’t need to use them, it’s just quality of life), 2 others “small macros” and 1 out of macro skill. Let’s see the macro, and then all what i say.

Keep in mind that the macro launch the pet in 3rd position. So change it if you want another pet.
The pet needed is Blue Spirit Raptor. It’s a Spirit Beast, and by far the best pet. It’s a tenacity pet giving a heal and a purge.

  1. Main Macro:

  2. Modifiers:
    As you can see, i keep Ctrl for Multi Shot.
    I added Shift for intimidation (5s stun) in order to get a stun / another interrupt.
    I added Alt for Spirit Shock (remove enrage or magic effect).

Counter Shot is out of macro. Just use it when there is something to interrupt.

  1. Others “macros”:
    I use 2 others macro just in order to heal myself / heal tank (on focus).

In order to heal yourself with Spirit Mend then Exhilaration:

In order to heal tank (dont forget to right clik him and “set as focus”:

You just have to click manually these 2 macros, you don’t have to stop main macro in order to heal you / tank.

  1. Important Weak Auras:
  • Important CD/Ready:
    I use it in order to get a clear Cooldown for active trinket like Galecaller’s Boon
    I use it in order to get a clear Cooldown for active trinket like Galecaller's Boon.

  • Interrupt Group Traker:
    I use it in order to know who and when someone use his interrupt in order to make a rotation and dont lose mine interrupt when someone will use his own.


Launch main macro @80ms.
Use interrupt.
Use modifiers if you are not lazy. If you are, you’ll not lose any dps.
Use 2 others macros to heal you and tank. If you don’t, you’ll not lose any dps.

Only skills not in macro are: aspect of cheetah and turtle, counter shot, disengage, and trap.

In dungeon / mythic / raid, set tank as focus.
In PVE, set pet as focus (for misdirection) and use Blue Spirit Raptor.

In pvp, Concusive Shot will be cast, use Alt modifier to remove ennemy’s buff each 10 seconds!

In pve (not in dungeon / mythic / raid, just in open pve), it’ll cast heal itself all time, resulting in a few dps loss but quality of life.

Feel free to give me feedback.

Let’s kick ass!


This almost makes me want to re-install.


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Specify who created macro :smiley:
Author Pharmacist1

Yep, i did.
I tryed other macros. I tryed doing my own, but he did the best, i could never do better.

So i just changed a few things (essentially quality’s life modifiers and WA directly involved, and a few options).

He did the macro.

Thank you for this macro and WA’s! Gonna try them out tonight and give some feedback if you’d like.

This is pretty epic! thanks!

I went and tamed Gon just to try this macro and I love it! It was a little harder to tame him as I am Alliance but I managed with a little patience. Love the macro, love the weak auras and love the pet - thanks to you and others for the hard work in putting this together.

In the sequence configuration, under tab 3. It has concussion shot added. How do I use this sequence? I am using AHK and it never fires concussion.

Also, will Hati work just as well as raptor?

willing to try your macro :slight_smile: been doing some m+ this afternoon…

nice work with the post! really useful info/wa’s in there!

Hi guy.

1, 2 or 3 is all about situation.
You can see it in the first tab: 3 will be used only in arena.
You want it for pvp too? Problem with that is that i play with war mode on, so i’m in pvp 100% of time. So if you are in warmode, mode 3 will be used, and not mode 1 (the default one).

Dungeon, raid, mythic, heroic and timewalking all have the mode 2.

If you want concussive shot in other condition (raid? pve?) just change 1/2/3 in configuration’s tab or copy paste the line with the skill. If it’s a problem for you, i’ll send you the modified macro, just tell me when you want it to be used.

I hope it’s clear, if it doesn’t just ask.

About Hati, i dont have him, but i’m pretty sure he doesn’t have the same pet’s skill.
He probably have common wolf skill.

So you can still use him, the macro will works, but you’ll not get heal and purge.

Have a nice day, and thanks all for your feedbacks!

Hati has all the same pet skills as all spirit beasts so yes it will work all pets are the same they do all the same amount of damage

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Thanks for the tip!

Hati is probably easyer to get than the raptor for ally player!

i just removed AoTW from the macro, but that’s only a personal choice, macro kicks ass none the less :wink:

Hey guys, just did jaina HM with the macro, and it was a success with 18.3k dps (so by far more in reallity with transition and all).

I’m 1st dps in all phase except phase 1 where a war could roll and get a few dps.

Just follow tips, and this could be you too! (i’m cleaning m+12 easy too).

Thanks for the help. That sorted out most of the problem. I’m having an issue with Sinister Gladiator’s Maledict. even if I make it the only trinket that is supposed to go off, it never casts during pvp in arena. Sometimes and not very often if I stand at a training dummie it will go off. Is there a way to make sure this is the first item cast when starting the rotation?

Nm… /use 13 at the beginning of the string seems to work.

I do still have an issue thought, when the CD recycles, the trinket won’t go off again without having the trinket in another slot and clicking it manually. Any ideas?

Have you quote the square “trinket 1 or 2” in all tab? Especially the pvp one? (tab3).
You can still add the line /use 13 at the begining of “sequence” in tab 3 (pvp tab)

How to disable to go on target alone?

I’m going in the argro of the dungeons and disturbing the tank