** UPDATED 11/26/2018 ** BM Hunter WeakAura UI

UPDATEAdded Freezing and Tar Traps, Feign Death, Concussive Shot, Intimidation, and Bloodlust
Also Changed the Icon Glow to cut down on the overall brightness of the weak aura as a whole.
Also changed the Barbed Shot Aura to a Cast Helper. Just cast barbed shot whenever the icon appears for optimal use.

UPDATE Added warning when in a group or when you have something targeted that is able to be attacked and your pet is either dead or hasnt been summoned.

First off, I hope posting this doesn’t get me in hot water since it isn’t a macro but I guess worst thing that’ll happen is the thread will be moved or deleted but I’ve put in some hard work on this project so far(i say hard work because I’m pretty NOOB to all this) and I wanted to share it with anyone whom may be interested. This UI was inspired by Sethadon’s WA UI/macro combo that he created for aff/warlocks. I will be improving and adding to this so if you have any comments or suggestions I’d love to hear them.

link to copy import code:

Thanks for this. That is one long line of code

very cool thanks!

TY for the hard work. many greatly appreciate it. I don’t know if you have looked at IPSE’s or EFFIE’ WeakAuras (WA) for BM Hunters. good way to learn some custom code and show all the stuff you have selected from a talent perspective.

Appreciate all your work in the forums. Great job!

Nice WA. Thanks.

Thanks for this.

I personally wouldn’t post WA here. However, I’d post a wago.io link.

Yeah when I exported the code, I had no idea it was gonna be soooo much code.

also, you’re welcome, glad everyone seems to enjoy it so far…or you guys are just really nice. Either way works for me, lol.

I’m hoping to get a bit of free time to implement some more features such as traps and pvp abilities soon and I’ll update original post when i do.

Coon, u have to read carefully…


Man, that WA is tight!!! Great Job!!!

…? , …you’re welcome…?

First off thanks for all your efforts. Second I am a 56 yr old computer illiterate NOOB. I tried to import this with the WA addon under New then the external import. The end of the “imported” code doesn’t match yours. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.

sounds like your not getting the entire code copied. make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom when highlighting it to copy as its a very very long line of code. i know its over 2,000 characters

Oh yeah and another thing don’t be bitching about being 56 years old and being computer iliterate. That just means you’ve had even more time that you could have been learning that you’ve wasted. lmao just messing w/ya

Pharmacist1, thank you so much for this weakaura, its soo good!

Unable to interpret sequence!

After the 9/1/18 update the health bar for player and pet wont deplete. How can i fix that?

Sorry for the late response. I’m not on here very much any more. Anyways I would try deleting the entire macro and re-importing as everything seems to be working as intended. If still no luck, go into your wa add-on, find the health bars, select one, select the trigger tab, select first trigger, make sure it’s set to STATUS , HEALTH , PLAYER

Then go to the pet health bar and do the same except instead of PLAYER change that to player’s pet

This is not a macro for gnome sequencer. It is an import code for Weak Auras

link addon?