Updates on survival

Any ideas or updates for survival macros I know everyone likes or lives bm just curious to see if anything may be around the corner for this spec

there havent been many updates for survival but ive been using Elfyau's One button Surv Hunter with great results


@shane-scott Thanks!! hopefully, I will get around to an update for it soon. At the moment I am leveling another hunter to update the MM macro, will see where I end up!

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That is guys I’ll go and check into those here shortly

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@Christopher_Mills I have been using Bloodshot macro for a while now! I like it, works great for me! Only thing I changed, is to add a Serpent Sting mod and apply it on buff trigger or 2-3 sec before debuff falls off. Kept the auto apply on new target so on multi target, I barely have to use mod.


Will do thanks for the quick reply

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