Using a GSE macro cancels right click (strafing)

Does anyone else have this issue? I found this mod and have used it for a few days without issue and then today this started happening. Nothing had changed, so I even reset my WTF folder so I could reconfigure my settings hoping that would fix it, but the issue remains. Very strange that it only started happening today.

Anyone has this issue? I’ve tested it with normal cast sequence macros and it only does it for GSE.

I’ve also created scripts with only a single action and they also trigger this.

Edit - tried on another character and could not reproduce. So it has to be something corrupt with a single character. Any tips on what I should clear? I cleared the WTF folder and both folders in the cache.

I would check your key bindings or your equipment to be honest. In the early days of Legion a number of follower items were named after abilities. Having these in your back pack would cause GSE to trigger these events. Also it may be a recticle based trinket that has a targetted use effect.

If its just one character then its not GSE doing it. GSE is triggering the problem. Clearing the WTF folder also resets GSE so if its still occuring its not a corrupt macro.

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I also tried various key bindings and two other mice. It also only happens on a single character but it happens to be my main character I’m pushing.

What other folders aside from WTF, ADB and WDB should I clear?

Edit - saw the trinket comment. That was it! Wow I hadn’t even realized that was the last thing I picked up before stopping. It basically killed the mod for me. Weird.

FYI this is probably the single best mod I’ve seen for wow for actual gameplay. Great job.

Many years later I met same problem.
And I found it’s the trinket I use. It has an area skill requires me to aim the ground first, and GSE is auto using the trinket, so it becomes GES auto using the trinket → my right click cancel it. That make the right click can’t do other jobs.
I cancel the auto using and it’s good.

I can’t believe a trinket would cause all of this. Thank you very much for the help, this was driving me nuts. :slight_smile: