Vengeance Fractured

EDIT 8/24/18: This thread is no more. It has ceased to be. Please head on over to (VIPER/ENIX) Demon Hunter Vengeance AIO - Patch 8.0+ - WoW Lazy Macros to continue our tanking journey together.

Reflect the pain inside you upon your enemies. Amplify it. Concentrate it. Make them consumed by it.

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Hold SHIFT for Sigil of Silence
Hold CTRL for Sigil of Chains (if you take it)
(Sigil of Misery is best used at range and should be on its own key)
Hold ALT for your OH SNAP, SAVE MUHSELF Firey Brand and Metamorphosis combo

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.06.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Fiery Brand, Throw Glaive, Sigil of Chains, Sigil of Silence

Main Sequence: Sigil of Flame, Infernal Strike, Immolation Aura, Soul Cleave, Demon Spikes, Spirit Bomb, Shear

Post Macro: Metamorphosis

This macro will attempt to allow you to tank effectively and resiliently while maintaining your key attribute as a Demon Hunter: mobility. It does this by using talents like Concentrated Sigils for AoE crowd control and threat generation, healing via Fracture and Spirit Bomb, and a last-ditch survival proc with Last Resort. With this, you should be a very tasty target for the enemy.

There are some ALT, CTRL and SHIFT commands available if you want to use them. If you want an AoE silence or interrupt, hold SHIFT for a Sigil of Silence at your feet. If fighting mobile or spread out enemies, hold CTRL for Sigil of Chains if you take the talent. If you find yourself about to die, anticipating a large damage spike, or are just panicking, hold ALT for Firey Brand and Metamorphosis. Note that Sigil of Misery is best used on its own key, as you will want to use it to lock down enemies not taking damage.

Some things to note are the macro’s use of Throw Glaive and Infernal Strike:
Throw Glaive will now automatically fire once per new target choice. In other words, Throw Glaive will be tossed out to your target and up to two other nearby mobs and help lock their threat onto you, but won’t fire again unless you target something else. This allows you to have it available should a mob peel off or adds arrive in a fight, but otherwise not use it constantly. This will be most noticeable in multi-tank fights where Throw Glaive can accidentally steal threat when it’s not wanted. As long as you’re not changing targets Throw Glaive won’t fire.

Infernal Strike, however, is used on per Demon Spikes Charge. This means you will expel it quickly when you engage in a fight but will regain a charge (or be close to one) after that. This will allow you to hop to a new group or new add quickly during a fight.

Macro Notes
This macro uses talent choices that are designed to work best in all situations. I have chosen ones that will maximize your threat while also maximizing your survivability.

I have also designed this macro to be spammed at whatever milliseconds that works for you or manually tapped.

Talents and Explanation
Abyssal Strike - Your hallmark as a Demon Hunter is your mobility, so let’s not sacrifice that. You sacrificed everything else already. This will allow you to jump around more and further to engage fights and grab stray mobs, should you have a charge available. This is also the highest damage-dealing talent of this tier.

Fallout - Lesser Soul Fragments are a necessary part of DH tanking, and this will give you a few while adding some DPS as well.

Flame Crash - You want to Infernal Strike a lot, so this helps make that a threat locker for anything that might not be targeting you.

Fracture - Fracture is necessary for setting us up the bomb. The lesser soul fragments it generates will synergize with Spirit Bomb for both an increase in damage and healing when the bomb goes off. It is also the only talent in this tier that generates damage, and with Spirit Bomb’s buff that DPS is further translated into healing.

(Your Choice) - You can play a bit here. If you need more DPS/HPS and AoE threat generation you can go with Concentrated Sigils. If you need to tether some wayward enemies you can take Sigil of Chains. The macro will automatically deposit these sigils at your feet, so if you want to target anywhere else you will need them on their own keys.

Spirit Bomb - Focusing on a new rotation Spirit Bomb should now fire properly, making this the superior choice once again. SB does two things: Deal damage and heal. More importantly, you heal for each enemy you bomb, as you damage for each enemy you bomb. It’s the best talent for any situation.

(Your Choice) - Choose what you prefer. I choose Last Resort as the others in this tier seem almost worthless with this setup. Why just not die?

Known Issues

  1. None.

DPS/HPS Numbers
Right now both DPS and HPS should be about even (DPS will spike first, of course). While DPS translates into self-healing, it’s a lot less than it used to be, so be friendly to your healer. Remember the tank motto: If the tank dies it’s the healer’s fault. If the healer dies it’s the tank’s fault. If the DPS dies it’s their own damn fault.

AMR’s auto-balancing and itemization engine should not be overlooked. Squeeze out your best stats.

Advanced Interface Options (POSSIBLE DPS INCREASE)
Users have reported that by installing this addon and unchecking the item “Secure Ability Toggle” you will see a DPS increase. Personally, this seems to be the case. Target dummy damage increased by 5k and raid damage increased by 20k. Your mileage may vary.

Im doing about 2K sustained damage. Against the Tank dummy I can last up to 3-4 stacks. iLvl 230. Im running this at 100 ms.

Nice job here. So far its my favorite. Its very interesting how you coded it all too. Well done.

That’s really good, I think. Right now in the pre-patch 1 stack seems to be about mid-tier raid damage and 2-3 a bit higher. 4 seems to be about end-game damage. Just a guess, though, but from what I’m testing it seems accurate enough.

If the consensus is that you want a charge of Infernal Strike always available, however, we can always revisit this.

What I found works well for keeping a charge of your leap is to remove Infernal strike from the post macro and replace Imo Aura in the main part with:

/castsequence [@player] Immolation Aura, Infernal Strike

My Imo Aura (with 8% haste) has a 14 second CD where Abyssal Strike gives my Infernal Strike a 12 second CD.
This makes for a sweet charge of leap at anytime for a little sacrifice of dps/threat.
With Infernal Strike off the gcd, whenever your Imo Aura goes off, you will leap in there air and crash back down and drop that sigil from flame crash. hella aoe burst.

We discussed this a bit in the discord channel, but I’ll look into this with my next update. I’m thinking of using the InnerLoop function of GSE in order to get it done, but I’ll also compare it to this to see which works best.

This isn’t using Soul Cleave or Spirit Bombs appropriately. At least not in my testing. It’s incredibly random.

Soul fragment generation has a static baseline with Fracture @ 2 fragments. Just use a cast sequence; F,SC,F,F,SB. That is consistent SB usage at 4 fragments, and you’ll likely have an extra 5th from RNG.

[quote quote=61136]This isn’t using Soul Cleave or Spirit Bombs appropriately. At least not in my testing. It’s incredibly random.
Soul fragment generation has a static baseline with Fracture @ 2 fragments. Just use a cast sequence; F,SC,F,F,SB. That is consistent SB usage at 4 fragments, and you’ll likely have an extra 5th from RNG.[/quote]

How fast are you spamming the macro. For me, at 30ms the fragment procs line up nicely with Soul Cleave and Soul Bomb, if a little delayed.

Tomorrow I’ll have an update.

Updated. With this one Infernal Strike should, on average, have a charge ready or nearly ready at all times. Demon Spikes should also now not spend all charges immediately and give more rounded protection.

Soul Cleave and Soul Bomb are now tied to the Shear/Fracture abilities in an effort to always make sure they are in a usable state. Your first Spirit Bomb should be at a full 4-5 souls, but might not always be so later on.

I just wanted to say “Thank you” to EnixHQ. Every time i see one of your updates i know things are gonna get better and easier on me. If you have a paetron or something let me know, always happy to donate someone for all their hard work!

No Patreon, but I do have a site, AB LUCEM, where I have a link to where you can donate to me if you like.

Though, honestly, I’d rather you all read through my horrible writing and gave me some encouragement, instead. I’m trying to get my short stories finished and my novel written so that there would be an actual good thing for people to buy if they were interested.

Hell, if I became a full-time writer, I’d have more time to dedicate to making macros as well!

I rather enjoyed the 2 sentence stories, a few less dark ones to balance them wouldn’t be amiss.

I should do a few more. When I get some time I’ll give a couple more a shot.

In your last update the sigil of flame is not cast @player

Really? I’ll fix it tomorrow. Thanks.

Fixed Sigil of Flame.

Also, your first Spirit Bomb in a fight should happen earlier now, even with less than cap Souls, so that you can start healing from DPS sooner. Overall a survivability boost without losing DPS.

Dang good macro, nicely done mate.

Fix for non-English users of GSE. Should now translate properly.

I never played DH outside of leveling as I’m currently sitting at 84 (110’s) and this setup is actually making me want to play DH I’m having a lot of fun! Great job as always EnixLHQ!

hey Enix question with the talent for concentrated sigils is it necessary to have the sigils cast @player?
seems abit of overkill?