Viktri's (not really) One Button Macro - Dragonflight 10.2 Guardian Druid - v5 Tested and verified for 10.2

Sorry again for the late response. It may have to do with the version I shared as at the time I was attempting several different things. My guess without looking is that there is a mod no mod in front of raze and ironfur that were holdovers from a previous version. Delete the mod and no mod from those and it should than work.

I believe I was attempting to have the macro run as normal but not cast any rage spenders so that it would cast FR asap.

I’d have to look through it again to make sure but I’m currently testing different means of running this macro without GSE just in case the addon changes in the war within make it impossible to use. The test today went well and ended up with almost a 50k increase but the means is perhaps a bit more risky. I need to look at the ToS and check if people have been banned by using synapse.