War Within update

Hey all

Wasnt sure where to post this but war within beta is out on the 5th is there a update we can use for war within testing

No there isn’t.

GSE requires a complete rewrite from scratch. I would have been close to a release for the 5th however I have been waylaid by a funeral interstate. I am travelling home tomorrow and will then get back to work.

There will be an early alpha of GSE 4 available to GSE Patrons within a few days of the 5th.

To understand what is happening I would suggest reading: War within and future of add-ons?


Can you share your Patrons ?
I’ll support you for your hard work with GSE :slight_smile:

Nvm… I found it! i clicked just on your username, and there was the link :slight_smile:


@TimothyLuke I like to say personally thanks for the hardwork on this you have made wow enjoyable for me personally, 100% will support you Thanks once again

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thamks for the hard work and sorry to hear about your loss, will be signing up for the patreon as game isnt playable with the state of my hands

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