What 10.2 classes/Specs work best with GSE macro?

Hey everyone I was just wondering what class and spec i can start playing that works really well with the GSE macros?

any that are posted on this site. just need to choose one and go kick butt. lol

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lol ill try a few more, i tries rogue and something is broken and my warlock is just not putting out much damage so hoping to find someone else that works really well.

try this one very fun spec.

Alpha Predator - Feral Druid - Dragonflight / Feral - WoW Lazy Macros

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Try Legions macros. they been really well done.

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Ill mess around with that one thank you!

yea i tried his for both rogue and warlock. The ST on warlock is great but the aoe it pretty bad it feels like. only doing about 110k aoe at 472ilvl

bm works really well, was using guapandas, but with all the drama he locked his up behind a pay wall unfortunately. im 484 and clearing 22-23 m+ levels and easy clearing heroic, havent gotten to do mythic raid yet. not sure if someone else is gona fill the gap he left, as his macros work very well for bm

This is where i track my current usage of what macros work for me. You may find it useful.

The top ones I have found:
Destro Lock
Ret Pally
BM Hunter
Fury Warrior