Where is the love

just seeing if anyone has anything new for rogues not classic retail only regardless of the spec…add links of your favorite macros you use bring the brotherhood together…dont be a whispering eye or troll please…hope to see what yall come up with.

  • Assassination:

Hands down with just a little modification to better suit your class/essence this is the best out there. I use a heavy modded version of it but his sequence is what makes it king.

  • Sub:

None really - the people who actually played sub are long gone and all the newer macros on here doesn’t handle the spec very well IMO

  • Outlaw:

Mine of course! But really Outlaw is one of those that (for me) needed constant modification to adjust for the RNG of about everything of the class. For example I wanted a sequence that gave maximum Between the Eye shots … others don’t some do …

  • Runner up Outlaw:

Hands down the smoothest guaranteed never to lock up or skip a beat.

Of course the ones listed are not the typical ‘one button does all’ … for those just choose any of Elfyau’s … which again IMO are top notch for what he is shooting for.


Appreciate all the work you put into the reply m8 I’m sure if any other fellow rogues come this way they will find these really helpful

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