WOTLK Retribution

Moved to the WOTLK section and updated for the Pre-patch and Beyond.

Trying to get this to work on PTR is the GSE Alpha only working on Beta?

GSE do a WOTLK Classic pre patch version

I havnt heard if @TimothyLuke has put out any version for WotLK yet. If he got into Alpha, then he testing it himself first(If Blizzard is allowing Addon testing right now), then i assume When beta comes out, he’ll have his testers testing it then. i could be wrong. But he pretty good about updating what he doing with GSE, when he is making changes or putting something new out.

Won’t import on version 3.1 Could you write it out for us? I’d love to try it thanks!

if the 3.1 you using is from when Wrath was the current xpac many many years ago. no macro is gonna work from this site. the codeing used for it wont work on that old of a addon.you’ll have to make it yourself.

side note, Curse has the new Wrath marked as 3.4 and i searched ( i admit i could of missed it) the whole of the wrath database on curse and dont see a GSE on there yet.

It’s been there for 2 days - GSE 3.1.00 works for wrath Classic, tbc Classic, Classic era and Classic som and does anyone care about Retail anymore?

Server population stats seem to say that more people are playing tbc Classic than retail.

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for some reason 3.4 is popping up on the curseforge website for 2 days ago. so i was answering based off bad info. lol

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Thats showing you what version of the game the mod is for. If you hit the +3 it will show 3.4.0, 2.5.4, 1.14.2, 9.2.5 which are wrath classic, tbc classic, classic era and classic som, and retail respectively

GSE version is further down the page.

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Macro updated and now works on PTR

GSE 3.1.00 on WOTLK Beta.
Wont import :frowning:

Before learning dual spec I got a LUA error and after learning dual spec nothing happens at all.

This is for the PTR cannot seem to get Beta to save when creating it.

My bad for not including it, but the behaviour is exactly the same on PTR and Beta, Same LUA error and Same behaviour with dual spec / no dual spec.

goes to GSE’s GitHub and looks for reported issues. Finds none.

Either you are trying to create an issue where there isn’t one or you are unable to figure out how to post a bug. I wont be wasting a second looking into this until something exists there. Either way that has nothing to do with this thread.

Point to the report a bug button at the top of the page and links GSE - Support and where to get help

At the risk of getting yelled at, I just wanted to share the error i’m getting in hopes that it helps someone or irons something out before the real pre-patch release. I have no idea how to upload properly to Github and would probably just make a mess of that.

Message: Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\CharacterFunctions.lua:51: attempt to call global ‘GetSpecializationInfoByID’ (a nil value)
Time: Tue Aug 16 10:24:30 2022
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\CharacterFunctions.lua:51: attempt to call global ‘GetSpecializationInfoByID’ (a nil value)
[string “@Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\CharacterFunctions.lua”]:51: in function GetClassIDforSpec' [string "@Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua"]:126: in function OOCAddSequenceToCollection’
[string “@Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua”]:564: in function `?’
[string “@Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua”]:55: in function <…terface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:50>

Locals: specid = 2
classid = 0
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = 2
(*temporary) = “attempt to call global ‘GetSpecializationInfoByID’ (a nil value)”
GSE = {
ResetButtons = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:555
StartOOCTimer = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua:543
ReportTargetProtection = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Options.lua:1434
RequestSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Serialisation.lua:331
CloneSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:37
modules =

CancelTimer = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:147
CheckOOCQueueStatus = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua:614
StopOOCTimer = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua:548
MediaPath = “Interface\Addons\GSE\Media”
inArena = false
GUIRecordFrame =
GUISetColour = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE_GUI\GUIFunctions.lua:167
GUIConfirmDeleteSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE_GUI\GUIFunctions.lua:19
TableDiff = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\StringFunctions.lua:314
inDungeon = false
UsedSequences =
ScheduleTimer = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceTimer-3.0\AceTimer-3.0.lua:94
UnsavedOptions =
UpdateIcon = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:868
ADDON_LOADED = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua:195
SendSequenceMeta = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Serialisation.lua:311
UpdateSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:567
UnregisterAllComm = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:174
SetEnabledState = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceAddon-3.0\AceAddon-3.0.lua:424
isSpecIDForCurrentClass = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\CharacterFunctions.lua:84
ClearTooltip = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE_GUI\GUIFunctions.lua:199
TranslatorAvailable = true
IdentifySpells = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Translator.lua:425
TransmitSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Serialisation.lua:234
storeSender = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Serialisation.lua:358
UnregisterAllEvents = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:174
prepareTooltipOOCLine = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Events.lua:594
GetOptionsTable = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Options.lua:6
OOCPerformMergeAction = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:175
RequestSequenceList = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Serialisation.lua:385
Deserialize = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\Lib\AceSerializer-3.0\AceSerializer-3.0.lua:246
GetClickRate = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\CharacterFunctions.lua:160
ReplaceMacro = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:258
TranslatorLanguageTables =
GetSequenceSummary = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:1212
DeleteSequence = defined @Interface\AddOns\GSE\API\Storage.lua:9
name = “GSE”

This probably won’t go far if you didn’t post this in Tim’s Github.

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Very passive aggressive vibes in here :smiley:
I wasn’t reporting a bug, I was just talking with the community.

With 15+ years of software development experience, I do know how to report a bug.
But I’ll go back to lurking now, dont wanna offend anyone by trying to be social :stuck_out_tongue:

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After updating to the newest version of GSE, the macro now imports and works like a charm :slight_smile:

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Yeah, more people playing classic atm TBC going into wotlk…The prepatch is tomorrow. Saw a pic of 12million parses in sunwell tbc compared to current retail raid parses of less than 2m.
I Love WOTLK personally. Has one of my all time favorite raids…UIlduar

Need to add classic wotlk forums to the classes lol
I know I will be doing some wotlk macros